Kate’s Writings


Some of Kate’s writings have been translated into other languages and can be found here.

Collection Of Essays by Kate Of Gaia  (ideal entry-level reading)

[One Stop Truth - The Key Compilation of Kate's Writings]


Invocation Of The CRSS

The Long And Short of It

Registry Fraud Letter and Acceptance

I, who shall not be LEGALLY named

[I, who shall not be LEGALLY named TEMPLATE Version]

Achilles Heal

Hooked by Phonics


The Wizards Of Oz

Who Are You?  An Open Letter To Humanity

Summons Of The Dead

Reigning Cats and Dogs, Part 1

Reigning Cats and Dogs, Part 2

Reigning Cats and Dogs, Part 3

Lie-Tes, Ka-Me-Ra, AC-T-Ion, (Act 1)

Lie-Tes, Ka-Me-Ra, AC-T-Ion, (Act 2) 

Lie-Tes, Ka-Me-Ra, AC-T-Ion (Act 3)

Lie-Tes, Ka-Me-Ra, AC-T-Ion (Act 4)

Vous-Do Da-Els and Ma-Els

Prometheus Bled

Watts in a Name

Trading Prophets for Profits

Re-lease the Kraken

Know Thyself Ye are Gods

Exit Stage Right

Enter the Whore Brides

Behold, A White Canvas

Did You Know You’re a Criminal If……

Did You Know… Postal/Public Employees

Did You Know… Hospital Registrar

The Birth Certificate Explained

Attention Legal Department

Attention Law Enforcement

An Open Letter to Law Enforcement Humans

Attention ALL Police Agents

Attention Bank Staff

Attention Freemen/Sovereign/Patriot Groups

Where Are The Real Men?

Motu Proprio Katherine Renee

One Ring to Rule Them All

Phoenician Spells


I Am The Witness

I am the Witness Cover Letter by kate of gaia, the witness

The Loans and Mortgages Who’s Who

The Midas Touch

Solstice Message 2013

The Fifth Element Part 1

Enemy Mine

Cain and Abel

At What Point

Cutting The Threa-D’s

All LEGAL documents (returns header)

Silencing of the Lawmbs

Phoenician Starter Kit

The Merry Go Round

Oil and Oater Dressink

You and Your Psychopathy

Choices Prologue

Zero Point

Babylon Is Fallen

Babylon Is Fallen printable foldout brochure


Babylon Is Fallen (truth ninja version) printable brochure


DUMMIES GUIDE to Babylon Is Fallen


Babylon Is Fallen (I Love You version) printable brochure

Nameaholics Anonymous

Your Contract NOW

As Per Your Fraud


Bryan Larkin Letter

Deny me Thrice

Show Me Your Papers


Court Transcript for ‘Judge Bows’ video

[Link to 'Judge Bows To Sovereign' video]



 [Apostolic Letter - The link to Original on Vatican site]

[Apostolic Letter - Synopsis]

[Apostolic Letter: "The Importance Of Motu Proprio"]

NON-I.D. travel printout.


Reply from and to BC government


Some of Kate’s writings have been translated into other languages and can be found here.



“Pedestals” by Ninja Bambi

More from Ninja on her own site http://ninjabambi.wordpress.com

The Sire-Name FRAUD  – by Rena.



Black’s Law 1st Edition

The Black Magic Grimoire- Blacks Law Dictionary 9th Ed’

HandBook of Common Law Pleadings

‘AMERICAN LAWYER’, a book from 1907

‘American Lawyer’: a concise defamation on the legal system.” - Kate of Gaia



Cops Arrest Social Worker


93 Responses to Kate’s Writings

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  3. Gowanda John says:

    Thank you so much for these vital AND wise writings!!!! KATE OF GAIA_ MAY YOU AND YOUR FAMILY BE PROTECTED FOREVER!!!

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  7. Ian Mate says:

    Did you know birth certificates are crown copyright?

  8. Paul says:

    Thank you for your valuable information Kate, but I cannot see how one exists in this society without money. We all need it to exist in this level. How does one purchase seeds to grow food? How does one get food to feed our animals? How does one fill a gas tank to our automobiles to be able to move from point A to point B?

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  10. toneoblog says:

    Hello Kate of gaia,

    My name is Toneo,

    I was referred to you by Hannah

    Firstly, let me apologise as I am not familiar with this WordPress and am not even sure if I’m meant to be writing the following in this section…..if not please let me know of a private messaging feature.

    I’m not sure if you are able to provide any help/knowledge/guidance. But I was made bankrupt in 2012 for non payment of 2 years council tax (£3,600). This has now been dissolved however the trustees are now trying to sell my property as they are demanding £48,000 ( fees etc) which is absolutely Criminal!!!!

    I am due to go to court in August regarding this matter and the sale of my property.

    Do U have any knowledge in this field or able to point me in the right direction.

    Would love to hear from you

    Much love


    • kateofgaia says:

      Hello Toneo, you wrote: “…or able to point me in the right direction. ” – the ONLY advice worth giving to you or anyone else, is READ the page you were on when you made this comment: Kate’s Writings. Empty your head of what you think you know, what you think is going on, and read the whole lot. You may start with Babylon Is Fallen (not because it is the first or most recent, they all have invaluable content) because it is a highly condensed-format of the whole message here. Best wishes, Ninja. <3

  11. Patrick says:

    Can someone let me know which file is the card that Kate is discussing on the show? the one that get’s laminated in lieu of ID or passport?

  12. Condor Durga says:

    First time long time, Listening now to 7-15-14 broadcast Titled for youtube, “The Whisper Between the Words”. Regarding the PRINTABLE Card for Travel story… I’m in Kate’s writing, searching, pretty familiar with them, but unable to find this speech, as she said, it was available.
    Also if we can follow up on the illegal twist the name on the ticket..? This topic is so important to really spreading the word and standing in our truth. I’ve cut up everything so only have truth for travel…. also, Once I find, I can have it translated into SPANISH…
    Love you Kate, Please let us ALL know the Title of said card. I’m in South America and motivated to fly into the belly of the matrix….Thank you, thank you thank you all for your work. Love and Light!


  13. Victoria says:

    I wondered if Kate has ever seen the information that came out in 2003 at a press conference in Montreal, given by Sarah Black Medhurst, great-granddaughter of Henry Campbell Black who wrote the original ‘Black’s Law Dictionary’, claiming that he wrote it originally as ‘a joke’? However, when it proved to be so successful with the legal profession, the family continued the ruse as a means of enriching themselves. Sarah Medhurst’s reason for stepping forward with the information at this time is because the family has “grown tired of living a lie”. Here’s the article:


    My first instinct was to think it might be satire from a source such as ‘The Onion’, but further investigations seem to reveal that the report is accurate. However, even realizing that it started as a hoax has not stopped the legal profession from venerating it, as in this example:


    Thought you might like to know this.

  14. MeMe says:

    In Baby step mode here!! Thank You For Your Love!! I am awake, Iam MeMe!!

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  16. exclusiveherbalformulas says:

    The rightings/writings of Kate o/v Gaia are what I KNOW to BE the most truthfully compassionately intelligent wisdom Full of LOVE that I line to call “The Greatest Love Letters Ever Written” and that I have ever read and that will ever exist in World His/herstory.



    Because the same KEY that locks the Door to your Heart is the same KEY that Opens the door to your beloved heart which is an ALLEGORY for – the Same KEY that Locks the Prison Cage to your Old Ways of Thinking as well as your individual status of Slavery is the Same KEY that OPENS the Door to your Heart Mind and to your FREEDOM!


    KNOW thySelf !!!!!!!

    A Red Balloon will be carried away by by the Spirit Breath of Love Today in the year 7-20-2014 = 7 that I who shall NOT be Legally Named as I turn 7even this year …. As I AM Soaring like an Eagle, Roaring like a Lion, and Singing a Song like only A Beautiful Swan Knows how to do as she claims her rightful place in the World of THE Living who with Truth Knows All is Love!

    P.s. I love you Gaia & Kate and all of U & U & U, etc wink wink

    [ka-iris] the witness

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