Mark Of The Beast

Legal Name: Mark of the Beast Carving Set Model 666


Religion is an odd duck far beyond what anyone could imagine. Regardless of what religio-chosis chosenitus you’re suffering from/deluded by, you still have one thing in common that crosses all of these mental illnesses and they are mental illnesses; schizophrenic psychopathy in one extreme or another. I mean really, wanting to kill someone driven by one religious fervor or another to a state of suicidal berserker pitard-ness. Boom! What all of these divided minds fail to see is what trap connects everyone where what one believes in a religious sense is unified through the same lie. As far as I remember, all churches, mosques, ashrams, sin-a-Gogs etc. use collection plates for… We’re not talking about real stuff here like gold or silver (still a trap anyway as money worshiping) mind you, we’re talking about Satan’s money created out of the Whore of Babylon City of London State Legal Sorcery club. It’s dubbed “fiat currency” which is to say “it’s worth whatever Satan’s servants aka politicians, lawyers, judges, priests, kings, queens etc. say its worth” and a little “oh btw, we get to take all the cream off the milk too” first.

What these religious fanatics (mild Friday/Saturnday/Sunday sinners to extremists like evangelists etc) fail to see is the obvious. While they’re preaching salvation of one kind or another, fill the plate before you leave, sort of thing they can’t see they’re serving the very whore of commerce they rant so wildly against. They’re pidgeon-holed into limited realities and can’t see outside their little boxes let alone see what’s coming around the corner ahead of them either. The short version of it goes like this. All fiat/paper/base metal money is LEGAL TENDER meaning it exists ONLY because someone said so and the real value is carried on the backs of every man, woman and child contracted into this legal Satanic nightmare. All the homework is done and easy to research using “legal name fraud” as your first google search and follow the yellow brick road for all the hows, whys, whats, whos, wheres etc…You are branded with a LEGAL NAME at birth and carry that dead mark until YOU remove it yourself. No-one else can do this for you; it is YOUR contract/deal with Satan until YOU burn it in mind, body and soul. Breathe, there are steps to get beyond this but one must SEE the concept of the contract first, walk accordingly afterwards.

You spent a lifetime trapped in that legal matrix so don’t expect your drive-thru burger when the seeds are just planted in your field. One need only read Revelations 18 for a complete overview of what the Whore of Babylon aka commerce legal is all about. Try opening any account without your mark of the legal beast. Humanity has been rooked squarely into quite a little corner but the good news is this; all you need do is change your mind on what you agree to be true or not. Start with “it’s a legal fact that it is ILLEGAL for anyone to use a legal name” for more reasons than I can care to list here but again, all the details are easy to find. Got a B.A.R. card? If no, then you are practising law without a license while you’re using B.A.R./CROWN, City of London, State/Whore of Babylon copyrighted (no less) property like you think you own it. That’s the hope so they can take all your life’s work and not be a criminal doing it. You used their property for gain, that’s illegal too eh? To any so-called Christian I’ll simply tell them they might as well carve 666 onto their foreheads and in the palm of their hands with a razor if they’re thinking/owning/claiming/fighting to be a LEGAL NAME. They may want to revisit the 10 commandments as well at this point while working on the seven deadly sins aka candles to be worthy of the savior they think is coming to save them be it Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Abraham blah blah blah.

Ask these people who they are and they reach for a bit of dead plastic or paper to show you and say “that’s me!” I say really and start talking to the plastic/paper. They can’t connect the false idol-lord’s name in vain, the lord in this sense is Satan’s world since he’s the lord you’re serving. No less than the first three commandments really spell this out where the rest are common sense and really, did someone actually have to write that down because some couldn’t remember not to kill, steal, rape etc??? You have some serious issues if that needs written down anywhere but in your own heart. Legal name is the collective, guilty by association sin so don’t be too hard on the ones you’re condemning, you’re in the same legal guilt club as them until you isn’t. That’s how contracts work remember? You agree with another in action/principle/non-action/willful you are in CONTRACT with them where I chose to be in CONTRAST to them to expose them. These same schizo psychos love to foment war on others by either agreeing that one nation slaughter another while they bitch about 4 dollar gas on their way to preach stopping through rotten ronnie’s on their way home to top up the tree-of-lif-ometer dead sacrifice burger all the while ranting about how bad the other guys and their religions are. Sheer madness.

You just can’t get this concept through their thick skulls, programmed with flag and country worship with layer upon layer of add-on programs tossed in even before you get to their hippo-critter-cull religious zeal-bot rage. This is not something you can rationalize with them either and to do so would likely have you teetering on the edge of the abyss trying to comprehend their insanity so I’d suggest, don’t bother. Just hit them with the facts and won’t they look silly looking their creator in the eye trying to wriggle out of that one, especially those that mocked this truth. The hardest part about it is the fact that you’re offering someone the eyes to see. while some may not take their spiritual consciousness immortality serious, I do. This is not some little trivia game answer here folks, this little puzzle piece is the one that completes the whole picture where, without it, one will walk to their doom in blindness. So be it, free will choice is what it is so feel free to ignore the gravity of this truth. You were told not to eat of the tree of life and that is humanity’s way of life. Is it coincidence that maggots do the same thing? There’s that guilt by association with ALL of creation in your actions. You were told not worship idols and material dalliances. You were told THOU SHALT NOT KILL and there humanity goes, off into the abyss riding another bullet into a child somewhere, day in, day out, without so much as a give a shit care. As long as you have your grog, right sailor?

I have long grown weary of the double talkers, the back stabbers and the spineless where the only expectation is to do something, anything in the direction of getting this truth and message out. Many know the walk I’ve taken as broadcast for years, live at the scene journey where my trials and tribulations were mine, where the give and take was an extreme cost for knowledge. Priceless, in fact and yours for the taking. All I can do is set my own example and share that where people can take from it what they will. That still doesn’t change the facts surrounding humanity’s and your enslavement if you’re still a little dark on this subject matter. It’s only when this legal name blinder is removed can anyone step outside Plato’s Cave and once out, never to return to that madness. Humanity loves to preach peace in their sermons while they bless the ones running off to murder or be murdered giving glory to whatever idol their god may be. This world and its crumbling empires is finished, far beyond repair let alone the desire to do so. The old earth and old heaven shall pass away and those that think they’re flat 2D characters on a page of some register somewhere get sent to the cutting room floor in flames. It’s just like erasing an old hard-drive with movies you’ll never watch again and then torching the drive altogether to make sure no boot legs escape. Spiritual concrete booties. So, really, in a nutshell again; if you think/claim to be you are a LEGAL NAME then you might as well pull out the Rambo knife and carve that on your forehead and hands because it’ll sure save a lot of time looking through all those plastic you’s/ewes in your purses and wallets because you were going to anyway because you THINK you’re a legal name. Exit stage left to the guillotine room for those. I mean if you’re really a Christian and all. Well, if you can’t find the sense and will to cut the head off your paper doll, what makes you think you’ll say yes to the next version/level?…..a little something to ponder, later, kate

Mark of the Beast  , pdf



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Three Ring Circus

Three Ring Circus
The magician’s rings trick in a time continuum….off the cuff with kate

People have a hard time seeing simple with so much pre-running, built in system conjecture having them at the edge of their seat to “up the ante’, I know more” ego interlopings. While one can’t expect anyone to sit and fully ponder what you’re really trying to share beyond their already preconceived notions of it, bit bit bit, one chips away at the dig exposing old dinosaurs to knew bones. Humanity basis it’s time on a broken wheel, more like an egg really, with a 365.25 degree “circle” upon which they also base their math measuring round and spherical things with things like “square” inches….square peg, round hole dopomites. Take for example the very idea of a clock to allow for a start/stop cycle of time which are simply continuous moments of now unfolding in a naturally ordered way, for those with eyes to see that much.

So we have the stop/ start, alpha/omega idea of CIRCULAR, not linear time. A clear look at prime numbers/form presents the natural order where humanity’s genie-oID’s only see the dots of creation, never connecting them into proper form of rhyme in perfect balance with reason. They’re always looking for reasons to prove their broken clocks and math right never looking at the fundamental sources of what theirs and your reality are built on. In the simplest terms, creation built a deliberately broken clock where only those seeking truth would actually know what time it really is. An Alpha/Omega clock of creation must also have this “turning point” to limit chaos into a manageable, slightly out of balance pendulum. It must have an ABSOLUTE point at alpha AND omega which are, in fact, the same points in the same place at two different points of time and space in a perfect mirror of itself. Think about it this way; how do you know there’s a beginning or an end without creating one YET allow creation to exist AFTER the Omega point is returned to the original alpha point? Easy, create two equal and opposite same/different realities with one being evil set at an absolute, evil or hell enough to really get the idea (yeah, we do) and enough of a heaven and better things without getting lost in the delusions of this reality being one or the other but is actually both.

The game here is not to get trapped into thinking this reality is completely one or the other but is actually both a heaven that could be so much better and a hell I can’t imagine being any worse balance. That’s where you’ll find the rhyme/reason fulcrum where it’s not such a swing, if at all, to either side too much anymore. Just enough to keep you on track and moving forward or backwards, depending on one’s choice of good or evil. That part is pretty black and white in this reality, what’s not so black and whiter is where people think evil stops and good begins. Absolute good is truth at all costs, absolute evil, lies at any price. Where one can accept any form of evil which is killing of consciousness and consuming it or not or being involved with that for ANY price falls into the evil category, as much as a defending ego says otherwise. Killing or being a part of it in ANY way has you knowingly or unknowingly involved and why we must take the time to measure ourselves where those that commit evil are merely your measuring board for what you will not do. This clock of wishy-washy is quickly running out.

People may ask why there is such a preponderance to evil and why there are so many that go along with all things murderous be it for flag, religion, money or politics, where all are merely one symptom of the overall cause which is evil, aka dark prince, a pall I tease….the pale of water is bitter with lies and they drink deeply from that well of souls. Where ultimately, truth and creation always prevails, a certain off balance would be required if creation were to exist in perfect natural order where chaos is ordered, requiring only a bride-all for the bride-groom. Rhyme, feminine, in perfect balance with reason, masculine. The scales are always heavier on the evil side but then dwarf stars are far less dense than a neutron star which is what the singularity of consciousness is…a whole-e (all of consciousness mirrored, e = 9 in mirror) trinity of herself, himself, itself as one in each that choose truth over evil. In this manner, the heaven/hell “war” can be “fought” in incrementally larger arenas to build the stairway to this perfectly ordered heaven with those that choose evil go the opposite way. The demons descending and saints ascending depending on which ANGLE they lean/lien; to the right, straight up, stand up for what’s right being or the left behind, fallen L.A. lost angel-ese, needing man’s law to dictate what should be known already in one’s heart. Evil is always given the appearance of the upper hand to offer CONTRAST between good and evil and the choices we make where those that get off on harming others are inherently evil and obviously so.

It gives evil the illusion that it can win and get all the goodies without accountability because their master is the whore of Babylon itself. Evil that knows right from wrong and still does it AND puts itself in a position to claim to be the law while using it to satisfy the blood lusts is evil manifest but there’s a catch. It catches up with you and it’s about to catch up with all those that commit evil and those associated with it. Tic tok so little clock, too busy thinking with the little cock. Truth and life conquers all and it would be pointless for creation to create a reality where it would or could be destroyed. That’s the original paradox of chaos vs perfect order/sanity, to bring that under control. Evil is the delusion and the insanity and only the delusional and insane that serve evil would ponder such an insane scenario. To achieve the contrast, all creation would have to do is set up the illusion that that could be possible I term the “lingering doubt” where standing in truth is always the right thing but this reality reacts in the opposite way. This is the true test of life where life itself, not anything attached to “you” is the primal focus again and where things get very clear, very quickly. Then you find songwriters like me writing quantum theory that actually makes sense in a kindergarten sort of way. Truth works EXACTLY like this.

Now, picture creation in 3 rings, interlocked and overlapped with you, the ring master. Where the magicians rings can separate, creations can’t and it’s the magicians own broken rings that separate the two realities completely, once and for all. For those paying close attention to concepts versus bouncing balls in videos, one can see quickly, 3 distinct colours….namely the red (ka-X-N/A, spirit of life now/not applicable depend-ink/deep-end-Tink on choice of lies vs truth), the blue kachinga (bloo bloo-I.D’s vs divine masculine intent) and the white. When you collate the colours, countries and concepts together, this world makes perfect sense such as the red, white and blue and the green, white and orange (which should be gold for Ireland, not orange but then that explains the orangemen from the red, white and bloo onion jacks.; India and Ireland, east and west corrupted, double cross perfect quad mirror). In the grandest scheme, the white must be blended into each of the dark red and dark blue to bring them into balance where the extreme cold (dark blue) and the extreme heat (dark red) are each a separate version of hell, equally hellful, and in both cases, both burn into zero consciousness that is pointless. Equilibrium is achieved at zero point, not zero pointless. The point of consuming life then? Yup, pointless and in absolute defiance of creation and all that is.

So, in short, a finite clock of alpha/omega must have a pivot, a start AND a stop point absolute to set the parameters of good and evil first. An experience is not an experience without the contrast of these two polar opposites, no sense of spatial anything really if there is nothing to achieve a measurable difference which is simply, contrast. With a start stop absolute in place BEFORE the “game” could get out of control, creation in balance is achievable and with all evil destroyed; double whammy with a double cross. Once over to find all mistakes collected AND destroyed when we cross back. In a sense building a ladder, rung by rung of the most manageable level of evil, one baby step at a time with all things culminating here and now where this is evil’s last pass which is actually a fail. Once you have brought the white/peace into your reds and blues, the true child of creation presents itself but then you’ll only get to see that with enough truth under your belt and really, all it takes is the choice and the doing moving lock step. Words are counter-destructive if spoken and not walked in where the language of sound (words/speak/write) and the language of light (seeing what you do in contrast or unison with sound) must match, relentlessly. After all, there’s not much point debating the safety of standing between a bear cub and its mother Kodiak where the outcome is quite obvious. I’m that Mama bear when it comes to life and truth for all where all deceivers are called loudly into the light, not to seek vengeance for that belongs to creation (creation destroys all it deems unsuitable for and to life immortal), where your clock is already set to zero point without the need to keep watching the clock or over your shoulder.

This is your three ringed circus to culminate in your own balance or be destroyed, blinded by your evil ways regardless of the damnation’s you scream in protest for the wont of merely looking. Was it so hard to read an essay, ponder a new idea? Was it so hard to see where one kills life in the most menial tasks like popping through a burger joint? Those are the flame red death eaters with the ice cold blue slushies screaming about rights and life where the rights and life of consciousness are nothing more than a tasty gut fill where the donor life didn’t know what hit them; neither will you, for a while. That one builds up to a fitting conclusion of a perfect heaven or hell for the measure of deeds enacted knowingly or truly innocent ignorance.
Hell’s Three ringed BAR-NUMB and BA’AL-E circus is under the big top right now as heaven grinds the filth off the film of life; this is the end of the trailer. Both versions of absolute opposite movies are clear cut and absolute. All you have to decide is what movie are you caste-sting or Ka’s-tink in? Here’s the biggest hint of all; if you think you’re a legal name/ID-entity and refuse to cast it off right now and walk in the right direction ???(note: canyon jump wasn’t demanded, just baby steps, lots of folks to help you)….Well, you’ll likely be an extra rare in Satan’s BAR-Be-cued Rib fest. Personally, I don’t give a royal fuck what people make of that where it’s the truth, plain and simple; you cannot be all perspectives when you’re selfishly stuck in your own little ID-dent-titty. When one walks in truth, diligently and relentlessly, one is serving all that is where god is truth, not some personified idol bearing a cock and balls forever stuck in a dick measuring whore-fest war-fest.

The three rings balanced become the one ring, the true wedding band where one has defied the three blind monkey mice where they see and hear evil, say and do nothing while I run around with a carving knife cutting off all their tales before they even get star-dead. There are many with the carving knife that slays the dragon before it opens its mouth. It’s called legal name fraud and the monkey mice know this now, deeply saturated in this beast now where the mere utterance of this knowledge has them running. That or just tell them you were talking to kate of gaia, same effect, their masters know and fear me well. This is the bridge that all must cross if they are to gain the eyes to see, effectively, the holy grail. The journey of you can only begin when you know what isn’t you first going right back to that contrast thing. Do you dare adjust your own mirrors 180 degrees to focus inwardly first? Do you dare decide that you have been and maybe still are one of the countless points of agreement creating this hell or is that not your department? The truth will measure itself within you only to the degree that you are willing to accept part, like myself, of the 100% responsibility to create heaven or hell, create life or consume it. The ones who choose 100% are the ones that find their way home because they understand what all really is and to be part of all life, one must serve life where fools only serve death and that’s on death row/ death throes/death throws/death rose etc. as i recall.

Creation already has a story where most think they can re-write it to erase the same evil they continue with. There’s no erasure left on their pencil where creation erases them forever. This figure eight dance of the wheel within the wheel within the wheel where the zero point is where the two ends of the eight separate where the liar broke his ring and left a crack in it. The last dance of the rings is here, playing out in full cinema show in the heavens for those with eyes to see versus chasing the balls around asking “what is it?” and “why?” etc. inserting their secular singular, one religion/program point of view. It’s a little hard to connect two pearls on a string if one is only seeing the one they’re programmed from birth with. Alas, tis the problem with the combat ego in Stock-hold’em Sin-Drome juxtaposed worlds. They just can’t learn neu-trix these mine!-no!-tores in two’s by two’s and trying to climb through their jungle of mental cobras, weasels, hyenas, jackals and fruitbats where Jew-mange-e is their kinda shithole. And all I ever do is ask you to look. Just look. See for yourself. The old adage of here’s what you’ve been looking for in the oddest place, where I get all manner of filth slung at me. It’s really quite hilarious. It’s like….”here’s your immortal soul in heaven if you want it” paraphrased in “look at this factual knowledge, proven thing” i.e. “just have a look and see” with a real quick “fuck off and die cunt!” from a standardized and programmed reactive troll. I see them more as reflex and reaction self-monitors. Funny these days, only laughter with those with the sad realization of the damage they cause to others.

And really, how does one convey the sudden and complete attainment of what the ancients strove for, and share that in a way that an insane, for the most part, reality can come to terms with? You’re a bit stuck out on a limb with that one so you breathe and do what always came natural anyway. Things like writing and digging even deeper into the zero point now lain bare for hungry eyes to wonder at and a mind racing to bring it all into view, where one day….there it is. The rhyme and reason merge smoothly into view and creation shows itself in ways far too unimaginable to describe but then hey, I was there and saw/experienced that so opinions on the matter fall to the floor like so much bad footage on the cutting room floor of the bottomless pit; wherever that goes. No, not really able to say much more on that but what I can say is this. If you’re seeking that holy grail, you know there’s something better than this world, this whole legal name fraud thing you might glaze over on is the key to the closet where the grail sits waiting for you. Again, it’s as simple as look. I wrote the essays, did the shows, walked the talk and talked the walk every step of the way. I kept my diary for all to read and those that read the diary inherit the dowry of the bride, groom awaits. In the meantime, I’ll pop notes like this up to encourage all to just do your best, turn to life, not away from it in EVERYTHING and thought you do. I know many that have opened that closet and still refused to hold the grail high while I also know others that grabbed that cup of truth with both hands and drank deeply. Truth is the antidote for the poisons of evil’s cup that has you sleeping. Well Sleeping Beauty? You have to find your Prince within, the one that stands to protect the child within regardless of what physical gender you “think” you are where both aspects of male/father and female/mother come into bear to protect the child/immortal life within. A house divided against itself will fall so bring those into view and balance quickly.

My only role now is to be there and to keep getting the word out as required. The veil that evil hides behind to justify any and all evil is the legal name and why only demons use them to protect themselves from truth. In their world you can actually get away with murder and get well paid for it….right Chief?….right General?….right officer?….right judge?….etc. This one truth nails all these vampires in their coffins where creation finally has a chance to step in for you and step in creation does. That one you’ll have to see for yourself as well as soon as you learn to trust the truth versus someone else’s interpretation of this delusional paper doll fiction-land suuuuure-reality or was that suuuurety?….either way, yer a dead zombie walking meatghost stuck in the pay-per sea, pay-per-due, paper-me, papered view. It’s time to don the top hat and be the ringmaster of your reality or let these clowns devour you. Send in the clowns in-dead. Anyway, just a few of my ramblings in the ever flowing stream of things I find myself in these days. Stay the couer-se’. Follow the heart only and just be the nicest thing that happened to someone new today. In that light however, you’ll also look like the nastiest cunt around, like me, to lots of folks too but hey….fuck’em…..cutting room floor exits to the left behind door, sorry I bothered to love you is the biggest guilt you’ll have to bear…sure beats the alter-knot-I’ve eh?……stand…..kate

Three Ring Circus , pdf




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Acts Of War Against The Living

Acts Of War Against The Living


You may be unaware that you are personally committing ‘Acts of War’ against the living and this is sent to you to inform you of this or to allow you to see how that may be possible.

There are countless worldwide who are aware of and now are living in the Truth of the legal name fraud where it is illegal to use a legal name, hereafter referred to as ‘the living’ for ease of writing where the living stand in Truth in a world built upon and operated within collossal Lies whilst wishing and doing no harm by wilful intent to do so whilst it is clear that in times when one is alive and at peace and is attacked/when another wages war upon them the living who have the Creator/God-given lawful right to attempt to continue to live, where the living inform those who are ignorant that they are of the living and seek to be left alone and seek no vegeance and only need a way to continue to live/obtain the means by which to live as per their individual customs/standards of living which they have been accustomed to or which is now acceptable through changes made since learning Truth yet there are those who still worship the legal matrix illusional control system and continue with their attempts to apply that legality to/enforce it upon the living, where such actions are hereto referred to as acts of war against the living and these acts of war take the form of any/all legal/illegal or otherwise determined actions whatsoever against the living including but not limited to:

aiding and abetting the living into committing fraud via any/all deceptions assumptions presumptions that the living are a legal name and all that entails etc. such as

any/all actions which harm/interfere with/prevent the living as they go about their daily lives in their customary/chosen way of living whether by the ignorant (ignorance is no defence) or wilful trespasses upon and false applications to the living via any/all assumptions presumptions fear-tactics stressors demands threats kidnappings incarcerations rapes poisonings etc. et al which cause the living to suffer any form of mental emotional physical discomfort any deterioration of/total loss of peace health overall wellbeing creating atmospheres/situations inducing panic fear duress deprivation suffering actual bodily harm death of the flesh body, etc. et al,

where the living have already removed the assumed and presumed association to the contract made by others after the birth (Birth Certificate) whereby it is illegal to act as a 3rd party interloper into any contract and where all association with the legal matrix control system is known in their hearts and minds to have been broken and the spiritual and all other literal fraudulent contracts are instantly made


upon knowing, accepting, acting within this simple yet profound truth:


which is a false idol/graven image construct at the root of the murder-death-kill worldwide legal matrix control system….

continue reading ‘Acts Of War Against The Living’  HERE


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Crock Of Gold

Crock Of Gold

An ‘Off-The-Cuff With Kate’ pondering – initially posted as a room/group commentary.

Where many may think being here is an opportunity to be grateful for are actually the opportunities we give to ourselves by allowing the time to listen, really listen without the standard knee-jerk reaction based in a carefully programmed window of parameters…I just call that impatience. It is always the answer that others are using as their subjectives based on the objectives of someone who heard it from someone who heard it from …etc…it’s hand-me-down, second hand, you weren’t there information that formulates the socio-strata response that are…well…all the same circles, references, literals where people would rather look very smart knowing the name of an artist, when the song came out and all manner of details of “who cares?” facts and they miss the message of the song that is, after all, the real message from the artist, not how many stats you can rhyme off with only intellect reason of ego. They just never really listen to the song, distracted in necro-pedia’s dead facts glossary of….”hey!….shut up and just listen to the song” is where I step in.

All too often I see the roads of those making their first strides and sharing that, their life experience and totally original, based on true facts, being interjected with someone wanting to post the work of another without so much as realizing the passing the lie buck game they are spinning out in. It takes away from the one who is making the efforts to show themselves and others that, indeed, standing in this once unbelievable truth of knowing who you are (not legal Satan thing) and everything is completely different than you were once programmed to believe. I take any/all distractions that steal from the true originals by passing along someone else’s literal reality one subject as “something new”, very seriously. There was a time, in this room, where that was tolerable to a degree for the contrasting of truth and lies, good and evil mirrors etc. but we are well beyond that now.

There are plenty of other rooms where subjects of one kind or another are focused on; this room is focused on truth, includes all creation, not just one’s favourite subjects. It includes ALL reality. It is when these incessant spells of the dead reality that keep getting regurgitated and thus, recreated in the consciousness. The very garbage that trapped your minds in the first place. sort of like, it’s cleaned up, I keep it spotless now. When it comes to lies and evil, there are no little “in-fractions”…they are all fractals that get re-expandead when those spells/words/ literal lies involving everything once thought to be normal. One lie begets another and so on so I make it my only point to destroy them on sight, caution the newer folks (like this wee note) and simply block the ones that have been here for a while and really, should know better if they were taking the time to breathe, versus debate and shoot off their mouths from the hip. This room is for destroying the lies once programmed into all of us, not for passing along someone else’s idea of reality because really?…chances are…they still think they’re a dead legal name and how can you honestly know anything beyond literal in expanded spiritual when you still have no idea of who and what you truly are. In the mind of a legal matrix reality thinker, one thinks they are a paper construct, an I.D.-doll basing all their beliefs and opinions in a world of lies controlling them.

So all they’re going to pass along is the same rumor of this and that based in a fear, control, panic sort of way and always asking “why?”….all the while, staring at the pictures on the cave wall that someone is painting for them. It’s a brighter world outside that cave and only the true hearts will ever find it; humanity, still stuck in the wormwould broken heart greyed matter one usually calls a brain. That heart is so divided that it only has a pre-frontal lobe (ear) connecting both halves of that split heart, the war of heaven and hell, masculine and feminine negatives clawing at each other within. This heart only does what is right for the owner of it whether it is right, to some lesser or greater degree to another. The heart that should make the choice, the compassion in your chest side of things, is long removed from that individual’s choices.

The dead legal reality only uses the grey a-lien heart….

the Brain, not the Pinky….the system is ice….just-ice, nothing more or less than that. It is a world long dead to the living heart where anal-light-tickles is the real anus they serve. Anu, another word for heart, so you get a wider panorama of what a black heart is now as well. It all connects the same way once you pass the veil of the dead, legal, grey to-lien/alien world. While, at first glance, one can’t imagine that something as seemingly trivial as a legal name would be their soul’s undoing if allowed to fester, but alas, it is true. the greatest trick that evil or the devil ever played was not convincing you evil wasn’t real, it was actually convincing you that you weren’t real….nifty trick that almost worked…..unfortunately for billions of others, it’s still working the charm but the charm now?…..I removed Lucky the Leper-cons front fucking teeth…..cute huh?….always after me lucky charms these demons….stupid and all….hmm?…system…what a load of crock, what a crock of shit non?….last time they handed me the crock fool of gold, I emptied out the real gold (wisdom) and sent just the crock back…all of it….1-800-crock-o’-die-El hotline to hell express like…..yeah….me, a dead legal piece of paper?….naw, paper folds and paper cuts….I’m the Psi-soars….kate

p.s. thanks for good listening, kate

Crock Of Gold  ,pdf


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#SCHOOLGATE – Universal Education Scandal


Fact: It is illegal to use a legal name, yet the education system enrols/registers children into school using the Legal Name on the Birth Certificate.

This is fraud.

The innocent child is then systematically indoctrinated into believing they ARE the name called in the ‘Daily Register Ritual’ (see below).

 And so begins the mind control/education of the criminal fraudster, by those career criminal fraudsters called ‘teachers’.

After graduation you’ll begin your life as a career criminal, having obtained your qualifications by fraudulent use of a legal name.

You will obtain employment in your chosen field and proceed to follow orders, take decisions, pass judgements, perform duties, give treatments, even kill others, within your role/function/authority/job description – and all this activity and the effects your actions have upon others and the world is rooted in your fraudulently obtained education/certificates/qualifications/degrees and even in your fraudulently signed job application.

Remember, it is illegal to use a legal name.

It is fraud.

Once a fraud is revealed it renders that which it touches, that which is based within the fraud, null & void – so all the certificates/qualifications/degrees, etc., are not worth the paper they are inked-upon!

Anyone performing a role based within a fraudulently obtained ‘education’ is doing so in fraud, with no right to do so and no protection, in full personal liability for any/all harms arising out of actions taken ‘on the job’.   No corporate immunity exists now.  No work-related insurance exists either, as insurance is claimed/underwritten in the legal name.

All contracts are rendered Null & Void upon revelation of a fraud. And this Legal Name fraud has long been revealed.  Ignorance in matters of law/legality is NO defence.


The Daily Register Ritual

For more information about the Legal Name fraud and how humanity has been duped into a life of crime and lies by the very nature of this system called ‘normal’ read/visit

Babylon Is Fallen

Lose The Name


Legal Name Fraud Radio

Ninja Bambi


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What would make for a perfect trap? That would be a trap that one keeps falling into, even after you find out it’s all the same trap. In a word? Crazy.

The legal name is the perfect trap to keep people trying to exact vengeance on one thing or another only to find themselves slowly suffocated in an ever closing noose….loss of perceived freedom, literal stuff like money illusions etc.


It’s illegal to possess a legal name. Take it from there in any/all legal world games and you’ll see the trap. It’s the same as playing tic-tac-toe….it’s a fun game for a while until you figure it out….that’s when, after you’ve figured it out, the games begin to end in a DRAW and, once you know the trick it ALWAYS ends in a draw so you get pretty board, pretty quick.

Humanity is playing the long drawn out ver-shun of win/lose/draw still trying to win/exact one vengeance or another somewhere in their minds. It’s a game of X’s/X-cess and O’s/owes/oh?’s. Kisses and hugs/ka-cess and hogs.

Once you figure it out, you real-eyes very quickly what an incredible waste of life/time/space this reality has in YOUR world. Heaven knows you’ve already kissed and made up with any n-am-me in your mind. YOU let bi-gones BE bi-gones, it is where it is, cards fall where they may, I’m good, frame of mind. The mind, after all is the only true house you have and can halve easily.

It’s a very common sense thing really. If vengeance can’t end with you, where will it end up? When one chooses to not be harmed by NOT harming another one receives that which one chose where the other ver-shun is already the apparent “normal” reality.

There is only one purpose for a legal name and that is to do/due things legally, where to do so destroys your soul and harms ALL of consciousness in a collective H-I’VE/duality/ash I have way/path/name.

Yeah…yaw/direction-way/name….legal name is a death of spirit certificate. The yah-way …yaw is not infinite…yawn is….witch yawn are you? The one getting ready for bed or the one waking up? For those of a higher mind you’ll see that you must be both, in opposite, at the same time.

The legal name is a no win/trying to win singularity trap.


It makes you identify with something OUTSIDE you and that, separates you completely from the rest of consciousness. Some can see that as heaven versus hell or whatever allegory that works for you to see this singularity. Literally, in the literal most sense, idol worship. Lots of clues and clous (nails) out there.

This little legal name that is illegal to use destroys Babylon in your mind in a snap. Like a bolt of lightening, lighting you up because you actually learned to finally lighten-up and let those that choose to go to hell, go.

It only gets better or worse from here: legal name says it’ll be MUCH worse shortly.




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#NAMEGATE – Universal Political Scandal


#NAMEGATE :  The Universal Political Scandal. 

The result of which is that all previously perceived authority is now NULL & VOID.



  • Each VOTER Registration is FRAUDULENT as the Legal Name/I.D. is used in order to register to vote. Therefore, as it is true that any/all use of a Legal Name is FRAUD, which is ILLEGAL, it follows that ALL registered voters’ papers are FRAUDULENT!  Which means ALL their VOTES were/will be FRAUDULENT too!
  • Once a FRAUD is revealed, ALL contracts, ALL document, ALL actions resulting from the initial FRAUD are rendered NULL & VOID – from the beginning – Ab Initio, Nunc Pro Tunc.  FACT: There is NO Statute of Limitations on the CRIME of FRAUD!
  • All of the above are Legal facts resulting in the biggest SCANDAL in history – EVER!  Forget all those other political scandals which toppled careers and whole governments!  This is the root: #Namegate!  Nobody in any position/office has the legal right to be there if they claim they were ‘voted into office’ via registered voters.  Or they must prove how illegally-obtained votes, via Legal Name Fraud, can become legal votes!
  • There is NO legitimate government, president, prime minister, politician, mayor, etc.  All public offices which heretofore claimed a position of ‘authority’ are no longer able to make such claims.  There is NO legitimate authority anywhere.  The Legal Name Fraud Scandal, what is known as #Namegate, is PROOF positive the whole construct of the control system/government, political influence and decision-making is now at an end. NULL & VOID!


Read ‘Babylon Is Fallen’ for more on the legal name fraud trap and how the control system was set-up to enslave and criminalise Humanity. 



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