Kate of Gaia – In The Mirror

Welcome to Kate of Gaia’s home, ‘In The Mirror’.


Kate of Gaia

Field Of Broken Dreams – Kate’s signature song:

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5 Responses to Kate of Gaia – In The Mirror

  1. pankaj choudhary says:

    its amazing…

  2. pankaj choudhary says:

    i like it..

  3. Cat says:

    what a beautiful, strong song..thankyou

  4. Grandpa-CB says:

    Just found you re show with Bill Donahue.. and also Vinny Eastwood.. Your an AWESOME Person and Singer/Musician. Thank you. CB usa- ny

  5. Bill says:

    Slight correction is in order.

    It aint Rome. It IS Jerusalem / Tel Aviv Israel!!
    Tel Aviv, DC and London in the unholy alliance

    Thank you

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