Kate’s Cover Letter

Kate wrote and uses a cover letter when sending emails to criminals.  She includes in the emails the links to the One Stop Truth Doc and The Pope’s Apostolic Letter.

You can write your own cover letter, or if you prefer, you may use all/part of this one.  Here is the content of Kate’s Cover Letter:

Just a little heads up for all privateers being named and brought into the light as the criminals you are…your days of pirating the people through their “vessels” are over. The “registered NAME” is the name of the vessel, as you are aware and all property joined to that vessels’ NAME is cargo that you love to steal and pillage on behalf of your banking masters that give you treats. Here’s a little fact for you all to consider; every action you do against another that harms them is permanent, one that cannot be erased and shall be balanced according to universal law, not man made statute nonsense. That which you have wished upon another is YOUR wish granted in return.

Your oaths have been sworn to your various fictitious corporations/dead entities and you are bound by/of and for them that make slaves of each and every one of you where you are become as children stealing from others in the playground. No, you are being watched and reported on, called out by name now as the hijackers you are. You may wish to read up on the Geneva conventions recently put into full force and effect worldwide. These apply to you all inasmuch as you are part of the Admiralty fleet and thus; military.

I would suggest getting up to speed on much of my writings as well to give you a better overview of your very weak positions on the grand scale as this planet awakens more and more every day where you have a choice as to which side you will be on, one of the creators of humanity, or one of the destroyers. Your actions of daily theft makes you fully the latter. What ye sow, so shall ye reap is the message I recall reading once in all the ancient tomes…find attached various truths to enable you to see your crimes against humanity as well as the links to further your own awakening. Regardless, you are now on the world stage for all to see and I do love making criminals famous, much love, kate of gaia…

p.s. i made a judge bow once on camera in MY courtroom, as you will bow to humanity as well

https://kateofgaia.wordpress.com is where you can further your educations on how to be human again and learn to stop raping others, especially yourselves serving those that make us all slaves…quite insane if you ask me and i do like to get the word out to millions worldwide….and i do so daily…neat eh?”

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  1. michael says:

    Thank you Kate for your hard work and sharing.

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