All LEGAL Documents

The header to send back all LEGAL documents…by kate of gaia

“I fully accept this paperwork on the following non-assumption, non-presumption terms:
Inasmuch as all languages/creations are based on sounds and shown via sigils, letters, numbers and words, no assumption and/or presumption can be made solely upon the spellings contained within a single language such as “English” / Angle-man only where all sounds have various definitions in various languages. In short, my definition of your “whirreds” are pure jibberish as I define them where I fully accept this “paperwork” as per my definitions using all available sounds/languages/intent ions as per my positive betterment.

See the following examples for your issuing this jibberish: I only speak Phoenician, the root of Roman Civil Law and the basis of all man made laws/jibberish in defiance of natural law/sound;
Ontario: on, to be on top of, tar, a road surface material and io/e-owe/no-owe with e as a prefix meaning “no” etc…..????
Superior: Sous, French for under or a tribe of Indians, Sioux, Sue, a girls calling, peer or pier, someone who is deemed equal or a place to tie up a boat and “ior”, Eyore, a stuffed animal from Winnie the Pooh etc…..????
Court: Core, the center of something, coup, coo, a sound a pidgeon makes, couer, meaning heart in French, curt, where the “o” is silent as it can be in many whirreds, sort, where a “c” can be sounded as an “s” or f, or ph, k, ch etc……”T”, which is the comparable in the Phoenician sigils that is a circle with an “X” inside it akin to a sniper’s rifle scope etc….
No assumption or presumption can be made using this undefined intent that has been sent and will not be accepted and fully accepted at the same time based only on my interpretations of the sounds created as per my understanding of the sounds and noone else’s.

Please send back with every word defined, with references, glossary of definitions using whatever dictionaries/Ares used, accessed, understood where I use all definitions/de (of) Phoenicians as per my free will, thank you.”



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3 Responses to All LEGAL Documents

  1. randy says:

    NOW that’s what I call a perfect bitch SLAP

  2. Matt Heart-Seed says:

    Oh kate what can I say sister but this soul is feeling in awe of your light and courage to be, Arthur pointed me here to help me remember what I know today thanks to you both, I am able to expand again. I knew all my life there was a matrix of control and illusion but not fully understood the details and deceptions of the system of code till 2012 but till now wasn’t ready to fully walk in it. Theres parasites everywhere, the odd one in the truth movement too, and even your friends who you care for, so right about feeling your way through, we must be careful not to become complacent but not FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real. There’s just so many layers to the code, and cracking it has taken time for me, today with your help I have awoken, there is a shift happening and we are likely I know all about to witness some shocking truths if we are able to see them for what they truely are. Nothing is hidden anymore if you see. That will require a wise choice in the moment, not all will be ready to respond so it’s wise brethren to get prepared. This article cracks the code for the laymen so simply put and direct, now thats what I call a Slam Dunk – Game Over. Our time is now ! Kate of Gaia Thank You Thank You Thank You !

    • Matt Heart-Seed says:

      oops bad edit (it) referred to my full truth. I believe it won’t be so hard now, and it helps so much to know there’s others and more awakening. I trust things will become easier for the rest who are now breaking free, and trusting and feeling through it, and not working against yourself eg like talking yourself out of your intuition etc and creating with like minded souls will help. But where are they all 😉

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