The Riddle of the Sphinx

In this excerpt from her

Outside The Box Show


CMR Critical Mass Radio

Kate shares her personal insights and discoveries as to the

Riddle of The Sphinx and other secret Egyptian rituals. 

Somewhat ‘graphic’ and ‘hard-hitting’ in part, this information is for those who wish to uncover the truth of many things, and not just the history as taught by the establishment. 

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3 Responses to The Riddle of the Sphinx

  1. Govinda says:

    Dear Kate, or whomever you wish to be called,

    Thank you for your wisdom and insights. Yes, we do live at a difficult time in history, wherein laws and names and governments have indeed overextended their boundaries.

    However, I think it is important that we remember –we are born alone, and naked, without any name, and we die, alone and naked, and whether we had a name or not hardly matters. At the time of departing this mortal frame, the only thing that really matters is our state of consciousness, for the mindset we have at that time will take our spirit to our next destination.

    We are not these bodies anymore than we are the names applied to them at birth. We, our spiritual essence, our spirit body, is simply entrapped in these bodies, and we drive them much like we drive our cars. Some people drive Fords and others drive Mercedes. But they are all cars, ultimately, and eventually all cars do break down and have to be replaced. Such is the same for our bodies.

    As such, our main concern should be more aligned with our spirit body, our essence, and our next destination. To wrangle with today’s governments, their laws, their rules, their systems,etc. is more or less a waste of our short and precious human life. It is unlikely that our tiny efforts can change what is already put into place and moving at mammoth speed.

    Yes, we can try to do so, and some people are meant for making changes in the world–before they depart their temporary vehicle known as the body. But the wise ones, the ones of old, who saw the cycles of birth and death, and the suffering along with it, advised that we are better off putting our brief lifetimes, and limited energies, to better use.

    May I suggest you seek out a spiritual teaching that deals with the issues of today’s society which is indeed hurtling toward mass deception and slavery. As you have pointed out, reality is not what it seems to be. A true reality check is definitely in order.

    Let me suggest a different way of looking at this deceptive reality. Perhaps if you look at it through the lens of a very ancient philosophical text, such as the Bhagavad Gita, you may be able to see it all from a very different and much more “real” perspective.

    From that ancient source of wisdom, we can study that the body is truly a temporary vehicle, and that the spirit is far more important. We can see that our body has changed from childhood to adulthood, yet we still very much have a sense of “I”–whether we use a name or not. We have memories of childhood, and of our youth–yet WHO is the person remembering these events? Who is the “I” behind it all? The “I”, our consciousness, exists now, and also existed when our bodies were tiny children. And will continue to exist even when this present body ends–name or no name. We, as individual consciousness, do exist.

    Then we may study the nature of this existence, this consciousness, and learn how to best utilize our temporary vehicle called the body–whether it has a name or not. And as we begin to see the bigger picture, the entire cosmos and how we fit into it, the small workings of a temporary world with a temporary government with its temporary rules –really loses its significance.

    We learn that our time is limited and valuable, and we do not wish to waste it on such a temporary fixture such as the modern worlds’ flashy display of illusion. Remember, all those who you say are putting our society into slavery–are slaves themselves. They are slaves to the illusion that they will live forever in their present bodies, with their power and control–when in fact they will simply be drooling old withered bodies in nursing homes within a few years. Such is the power of time and illusion.

    To become wise, our focus should be on realizing our own spiritual self, and our connections with the Ultimate Spiritual Beings. Our focus on the temporary illusory displays of this world, whether it may be governments or families or politics or whatever, is truly a waste of our short time here in this world. It is a kind of magic trick where everyone is mesmerized by something that appears very real, but on further investigation, it is not. It is not–because it has NO LASTING REALITY.
    It is real for the moment, but as time moves along, it no longer remains, so it is real but very very temporary.

    May I offer some advice that would be helpful? Please don’t waste your very short and precious human life chasing after these mirages. Old age, infirmity, and death are just around the corner. Don’t be tricked by time. Our time here is very short. We must learn to use it wisely. We must, of course, do our duties to family, to society, or to whatever job we hold in life–but we must remember at all times that the whole show is only temporary. And we have much more important work to do.

    Our real work, our most important work, is to realize who we are–who we really are,–beyond the names, beyond the bodies, beyond the illusions. We must turn our attention to self realization, for that is the really substantial goal of life. And it is the only one that will go with us at the time of death. We must turn our attention away from the struggles of Kali (the dark ages that exist nowadays) and toward our own spiritual enlightenment.

    Thank you for your patience, and for your sincere concerns for others in this day and age. It shows you have a good heart.

    Yours in service,
    Govinda dasi

    • kateofgaia says:

      You appear to have jumped infront of your own GUN.

      If you had taken the time to read ALL of Kate’s Writings (see the page called Kate’s Writings) you will have saved yourself the time and e-fort used in form-u-lay-ting your wordy, as-sum-shun filled comment.

      Do enjoy the full meal Kate has tirelessly and lovingly prepared for you, not just the salt that is served on the side,

      Ninja ❤

    • Star Prring says:

      hello govinda.. what about ghandi? would you have given him the same advice and suggestions? was his life in vain and wasted on the illusion? it is my personal opinion that a self realized person, is the only person who can, and does, face the “terrible kali” and thus ending the illusion once and for ALL..

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