Another Point Of You


Another Point Of You

I stand in the points of YOU that share the same points u/v view because u/v view I share with you…it’s still only one point of you in a point of view that we all share…so I shared the same point of view that every point of you already shared anyway…

…brings all our points of you together through one point of view that shows all of creation…nice of you, this point of view…who else could I share the same points of view with, other than the points of view we’re seeing different points of you thru with one single point of you…easy peasy.

I accepted all points of you equally unto my own point of view to see as far and wide as I could, in all points of you to find this one point of view that solves it all for all of us…it’s a shared equally victory…couldn’t have found my own point of view without knowing other points of you creating ourself in the image of ourselves.

Humbly shared,



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