What would make for a perfect trap? That would be a trap that one keeps falling into, even after you find out it’s all the same trap. In a word? Crazy.

The legal name is the perfect trap to keep people trying to exact vengeance on one thing or another only to find themselves slowly suffocated in an ever closing noose….loss of perceived freedom, literal stuff like money illusions etc.


It’s illegal to possess a legal name. Take it from there in any/all legal world games and you’ll see the trap. It’s the same as playing tic-tac-toe….it’s a fun game for a while until you figure it out….that’s when, after you’ve figured it out, the games begin to end in a DRAW and, once you know the trick it ALWAYS ends in a draw so you get pretty board, pretty quick.

Humanity is playing the long drawn out ver-shun of win/lose/draw still trying to win/exact one vengeance or another somewhere in their minds. It’s a game of X’s/X-cess and O’s/owes/oh?’s. Kisses and hugs/ka-cess and hogs.

Once you figure it out, you real-eyes very quickly what an incredible waste of life/time/space this reality has in YOUR world. Heaven knows you’ve already kissed and made up with any n-am-me in your mind. YOU let bi-gones BE bi-gones, it is where it is, cards fall where they may, I’m good, frame of mind. The mind, after all is the only true house you have and can halve easily.

It’s a very common sense thing really. If vengeance can’t end with you, where will it end up? When one chooses to not be harmed by NOT harming another one receives that which one chose where the other ver-shun is already the apparent “normal” reality.

There is only one purpose for a legal name and that is to do/due things legally, where to do so destroys your soul and harms ALL of consciousness in a collective H-I’VE/duality/ash I have way/path/name.

Yeah…yaw/direction-way/name….legal name is a death of spirit certificate. The yah-way …yaw is not infinite…yawn is….witch yawn are you? The one getting ready for bed or the one waking up? For those of a higher mind you’ll see that you must be both, in opposite, at the same time.

The legal name is a no win/trying to win singularity trap.


It makes you identify with something OUTSIDE you and that, separates you completely from the rest of consciousness. Some can see that as heaven versus hell or whatever allegory that works for you to see this singularity. Literally, in the literal most sense, idol worship. Lots of clues and clous (nails) out there.

This little legal name that is illegal to use destroys Babylon in your mind in a snap. Like a bolt of lightening, lighting you up because you actually learned to finally lighten-up and let those that choose to go to hell, go.

It only gets better or worse from here: legal name says it’ll be MUCH worse shortly.




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