Crock Of Gold

Crock Of Gold

An ‘Off-The-Cuff With Kate’ pondering – initially posted as a room/group commentary.

Where many may think being here is an opportunity to be grateful for are actually the opportunities we give to ourselves by allowing the time to listen, really listen without the standard knee-jerk reaction based in a carefully programmed window of parameters…I just call that impatience. It is always the answer that others are using as their subjectives based on the objectives of someone who heard it from someone who heard it from …etc…it’s hand-me-down, second hand, you weren’t there information that formulates the socio-strata response that are…well…all the same circles, references, literals where people would rather look very smart knowing the name of an artist, when the song came out and all manner of details of “who cares?” facts and they miss the message of the song that is, after all, the real message from the artist, not how many stats you can rhyme off with only intellect reason of ego. They just never really listen to the song, distracted in necro-pedia’s dead facts glossary of….”hey!….shut up and just listen to the song” is where I step in.

All too often I see the roads of those making their first strides and sharing that, their life experience and totally original, based on true facts, being interjected with someone wanting to post the work of another without so much as realizing the passing the lie buck game they are spinning out in. It takes away from the one who is making the efforts to show themselves and others that, indeed, standing in this once unbelievable truth of knowing who you are (not legal Satan thing) and everything is completely different than you were once programmed to believe. I take any/all distractions that steal from the true originals by passing along someone else’s literal reality one subject as “something new”, very seriously. There was a time, in this room, where that was tolerable to a degree for the contrasting of truth and lies, good and evil mirrors etc. but we are well beyond that now.

There are plenty of other rooms where subjects of one kind or another are focused on; this room is focused on truth, includes all creation, not just one’s favourite subjects. It includes ALL reality. It is when these incessant spells of the dead reality that keep getting regurgitated and thus, recreated in the consciousness. The very garbage that trapped your minds in the first place. sort of like, it’s cleaned up, I keep it spotless now. When it comes to lies and evil, there are no little “in-fractions”…they are all fractals that get re-expandead when those spells/words/ literal lies involving everything once thought to be normal. One lie begets another and so on so I make it my only point to destroy them on sight, caution the newer folks (like this wee note) and simply block the ones that have been here for a while and really, should know better if they were taking the time to breathe, versus debate and shoot off their mouths from the hip. This room is for destroying the lies once programmed into all of us, not for passing along someone else’s idea of reality because really?…chances are…they still think they’re a dead legal name and how can you honestly know anything beyond literal in expanded spiritual when you still have no idea of who and what you truly are. In the mind of a legal matrix reality thinker, one thinks they are a paper construct, an I.D.-doll basing all their beliefs and opinions in a world of lies controlling them.

So all they’re going to pass along is the same rumor of this and that based in a fear, control, panic sort of way and always asking “why?”….all the while, staring at the pictures on the cave wall that someone is painting for them. It’s a brighter world outside that cave and only the true hearts will ever find it; humanity, still stuck in the wormwould broken heart greyed matter one usually calls a brain. That heart is so divided that it only has a pre-frontal lobe (ear) connecting both halves of that split heart, the war of heaven and hell, masculine and feminine negatives clawing at each other within. This heart only does what is right for the owner of it whether it is right, to some lesser or greater degree to another. The heart that should make the choice, the compassion in your chest side of things, is long removed from that individual’s choices.

The dead legal reality only uses the grey a-lien heart….

the Brain, not the Pinky….the system is ice….just-ice, nothing more or less than that. It is a world long dead to the living heart where anal-light-tickles is the real anus they serve. Anu, another word for heart, so you get a wider panorama of what a black heart is now as well. It all connects the same way once you pass the veil of the dead, legal, grey to-lien/alien world. While, at first glance, one can’t imagine that something as seemingly trivial as a legal name would be their soul’s undoing if allowed to fester, but alas, it is true. the greatest trick that evil or the devil ever played was not convincing you evil wasn’t real, it was actually convincing you that you weren’t real….nifty trick that almost worked…..unfortunately for billions of others, it’s still working the charm but the charm now?…..I removed Lucky the Leper-cons front fucking teeth…..cute huh?….always after me lucky charms these demons….stupid and all….hmm?…system…what a load of crock, what a crock of shit non?….last time they handed me the crock fool of gold, I emptied out the real gold (wisdom) and sent just the crock back…all of it….1-800-crock-o’-die-El hotline to hell express like…..yeah….me, a dead legal piece of paper?….naw, paper folds and paper cuts….I’m the Psi-soars….kate

p.s. thanks for good listening, kate

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  1. .loads O”D love threw to you Kate.

  2. rram says:

    rollen hard…

  3. Krist says:

    Thanks for sending out such love with your knowledge , sending the love back.

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