Acts Of War Against The Living

Acts Of War Against The Living


You may be unaware that you are personally committing ‘Acts of War’ against the living and this is sent to you to inform you of this or to allow you to see how that may be possible.

There are countless worldwide who are aware of and now are living in the Truth of the legal name fraud where it is illegal to use a legal name, hereafter referred to as ‘the living’ for ease of writing where the living stand in Truth in a world built upon and operated within collossal Lies whilst wishing and doing no harm by wilful intent to do so whilst it is clear that in times when one is alive and at peace and is attacked/when another wages war upon them the living who have the Creator/God-given lawful right to attempt to continue to live, where the living inform those who are ignorant that they are of the living and seek to be left alone and seek no vegeance and only need a way to continue to live/obtain the means by which to live as per their individual customs/standards of living which they have been accustomed to or which is now acceptable through changes made since learning Truth yet there are those who still worship the legal matrix illusional control system and continue with their attempts to apply that legality to/enforce it upon the living, where such actions are hereto referred to as acts of war against the living and these acts of war take the form of any/all legal/illegal or otherwise determined actions whatsoever against the living including but not limited to:

aiding and abetting the living into committing fraud via any/all deceptions assumptions presumptions that the living are a legal name and all that entails etc. such as

any/all actions which harm/interfere with/prevent the living as they go about their daily lives in their customary/chosen way of living whether by the ignorant (ignorance is no defence) or wilful trespasses upon and false applications to the living via any/all assumptions presumptions fear-tactics stressors demands threats kidnappings incarcerations rapes poisonings etc. et al which cause the living to suffer any form of mental emotional physical discomfort any deterioration of/total loss of peace health overall wellbeing creating atmospheres/situations inducing panic fear duress deprivation suffering actual bodily harm death of the flesh body, etc. et al,

where the living have already removed the assumed and presumed association to the contract made by others after the birth (Birth Certificate) whereby it is illegal to act as a 3rd party interloper into any contract and where all association with the legal matrix control system is known in their hearts and minds to have been broken and the spiritual and all other literal fraudulent contracts are instantly made


upon knowing, accepting, acting within this simple yet profound truth:


which is a false idol/graven image construct at the root of the murder-death-kill worldwide legal matrix control system….

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