Mark Of The Beast

Legal Name: Mark of the Beast Carving Set Model 666


Religion is an odd duck far beyond what anyone could imagine. Regardless of what religio-chosis chosenitus you’re suffering from/deluded by, you still have one thing in common that crosses all of these mental illnesses and they are mental illnesses; schizophrenic psychopathy in one extreme or another. I mean really, wanting to kill someone driven by one religious fervor or another to a state of suicidal berserker pitard-ness. Boom! What all of these divided minds fail to see is what trap connects everyone where what one believes in a religious sense is unified through the same lie. As far as I remember, all churches, mosques, ashrams, sin-a-Gogs etc. use collection plates for… We’re not talking about real stuff here like gold or silver (still a trap anyway as money worshiping) mind you, we’re talking about Satan’s money created out of the Whore of Babylon City of London State Legal Sorcery club. It’s dubbed “fiat currency” which is to say “it’s worth whatever Satan’s servants aka politicians, lawyers, judges, priests, kings, queens etc. say its worth” and a little “oh btw, we get to take all the cream off the milk too” first.

What these religious fanatics (mild Friday/Saturnday/Sunday sinners to extremists like evangelists etc) fail to see is the obvious. While they’re preaching salvation of one kind or another, fill the plate before you leave, sort of thing they can’t see they’re serving the very whore of commerce they rant so wildly against. They’re pidgeon-holed into limited realities and can’t see outside their little boxes let alone see what’s coming around the corner ahead of them either. The short version of it goes like this. All fiat/paper/base metal money is LEGAL TENDER meaning it exists ONLY because someone said so and the real value is carried on the backs of every man, woman and child contracted into this legal Satanic nightmare. All the homework is done and easy to research using “legal name fraud” as your first google search and follow the yellow brick road for all the hows, whys, whats, whos, wheres etc…You are branded with a LEGAL NAME at birth and carry that dead mark until YOU remove it yourself. No-one else can do this for you; it is YOUR contract/deal with Satan until YOU burn it in mind, body and soul. Breathe, there are steps to get beyond this but one must SEE the concept of the contract first, walk accordingly afterwards.

You spent a lifetime trapped in that legal matrix so don’t expect your drive-thru burger when the seeds are just planted in your field. One need only read Revelations 18 for a complete overview of what the Whore of Babylon aka commerce legal is all about. Try opening any account without your mark of the legal beast. Humanity has been rooked squarely into quite a little corner but the good news is this; all you need do is change your mind on what you agree to be true or not. Start with “it’s a legal fact that it is ILLEGAL for anyone to use a legal name” for more reasons than I can care to list here but again, all the details are easy to find. Got a B.A.R. card? If no, then you are practising law without a license while you’re using B.A.R./CROWN, City of London, State/Whore of Babylon copyrighted (no less) property like you think you own it. That’s the hope so they can take all your life’s work and not be a criminal doing it. You used their property for gain, that’s illegal too eh? To any so-called Christian I’ll simply tell them they might as well carve 666 onto their foreheads and in the palm of their hands with a razor if they’re thinking/owning/claiming/fighting to be a LEGAL NAME. They may want to revisit the 10 commandments as well at this point while working on the seven deadly sins aka candles to be worthy of the savior they think is coming to save them be it Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Abraham blah blah blah.

Ask these people who they are and they reach for a bit of dead plastic or paper to show you and say “that’s me!” I say really and start talking to the plastic/paper. They can’t connect the false idol-lord’s name in vain, the lord in this sense is Satan’s world since he’s the lord you’re serving. No less than the first three commandments really spell this out where the rest are common sense and really, did someone actually have to write that down because some couldn’t remember not to kill, steal, rape etc??? You have some serious issues if that needs written down anywhere but in your own heart. Legal name is the collective, guilty by association sin so don’t be too hard on the ones you’re condemning, you’re in the same legal guilt club as them until you isn’t. That’s how contracts work remember? You agree with another in action/principle/non-action/willful you are in CONTRACT with them where I chose to be in CONTRAST to them to expose them. These same schizo psychos love to foment war on others by either agreeing that one nation slaughter another while they bitch about 4 dollar gas on their way to preach stopping through rotten ronnie’s on their way home to top up the tree-of-lif-ometer dead sacrifice burger all the while ranting about how bad the other guys and their religions are. Sheer madness.

You just can’t get this concept through their thick skulls, programmed with flag and country worship with layer upon layer of add-on programs tossed in even before you get to their hippo-critter-cull religious zeal-bot rage. This is not something you can rationalize with them either and to do so would likely have you teetering on the edge of the abyss trying to comprehend their insanity so I’d suggest, don’t bother. Just hit them with the facts and won’t they look silly looking their creator in the eye trying to wriggle out of that one, especially those that mocked this truth. The hardest part about it is the fact that you’re offering someone the eyes to see. while some may not take their spiritual consciousness immortality serious, I do. This is not some little trivia game answer here folks, this little puzzle piece is the one that completes the whole picture where, without it, one will walk to their doom in blindness. So be it, free will choice is what it is so feel free to ignore the gravity of this truth. You were told not to eat of the tree of life and that is humanity’s way of life. Is it coincidence that maggots do the same thing? There’s that guilt by association with ALL of creation in your actions. You were told not worship idols and material dalliances. You were told THOU SHALT NOT KILL and there humanity goes, off into the abyss riding another bullet into a child somewhere, day in, day out, without so much as a give a shit care. As long as you have your grog, right sailor?

I have long grown weary of the double talkers, the back stabbers and the spineless where the only expectation is to do something, anything in the direction of getting this truth and message out. Many know the walk I’ve taken as broadcast for years, live at the scene journey where my trials and tribulations were mine, where the give and take was an extreme cost for knowledge. Priceless, in fact and yours for the taking. All I can do is set my own example and share that where people can take from it what they will. That still doesn’t change the facts surrounding humanity’s and your enslavement if you’re still a little dark on this subject matter. It’s only when this legal name blinder is removed can anyone step outside Plato’s Cave and once out, never to return to that madness. Humanity loves to preach peace in their sermons while they bless the ones running off to murder or be murdered giving glory to whatever idol their god may be. This world and its crumbling empires is finished, far beyond repair let alone the desire to do so. The old earth and old heaven shall pass away and those that think they’re flat 2D characters on a page of some register somewhere get sent to the cutting room floor in flames. It’s just like erasing an old hard-drive with movies you’ll never watch again and then torching the drive altogether to make sure no boot legs escape. Spiritual concrete booties. So, really, in a nutshell again; if you think/claim to be you are a LEGAL NAME then you might as well pull out the Rambo knife and carve that on your forehead and hands because it’ll sure save a lot of time looking through all those plastic you’s/ewes in your purses and wallets because you were going to anyway because you THINK you’re a legal name. Exit stage left to the guillotine room for those. I mean if you’re really a Christian and all. Well, if you can’t find the sense and will to cut the head off your paper doll, what makes you think you’ll say yes to the next version/level?…..a little something to ponder, later, kate

Mark of the Beast  , pdf



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