Song: Babylon Is Fallen Down


Song: Babylon Is Fallen Down


Click here to listen to ‘Babylon Is Fallen Down’ by Ray. 


Life where will I begin
it looked like we weren’t gonna make it
lies are what all we’ve lived
but now we got a chance to change it
I’m telling you no lie

you should never give in to yourself
stop running away
you should never give in to your life
your not what you think
you no we are genius
sparks of light from the universe
don’t you know we can make it
cause babylon is fallen down
babylon is fallen down

breathe realise that fear
is a choice that we don’t have to take now
i know we gotta learn to love for free
and take care of mother natures children
There’s your reason its no lie

you should never give in to yourself
stop running away
you should never give in to your life
its not what you think
the clock has ticked out of time
human kind its your time to shine
don’t you know you can make it
cause babylon is fallen down
babylon is fallen down

la la la la la la ….

don’t you ever give in or mistrust yourself
not for another day
start takin your time don’t spend your life
playing this silly game
you’ve just got your name to drop
then you’ll find out who you truly are
your a part of creation
babylon is fallen down
not a name on some paper
babylon is fallen down
just look what a girl can do
or is she a boy if you dare to choose
if you do i no your gonna lose
and thats the TRUTH …
babylon is fallen gone
babylon is fallen …

Lyric in Italian

Read ‘Babylon Is Fallen’, by Kate of Gaia.


Thank you, Ray!  We do this together.  





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3 Responses to Song: Babylon Is Fallen Down

  1. krapyl says:

    Reblogged this on Mi Ni Book and commented:
    It’s illegal to use a legal name.
    Any and ALL things legal registry is Crown Copyright property.

  2. Life says:

    Hi, great song Ray. Thank you Kate for all your energy that you put in to wake the other points of you up whether they appreciate it or not, I know you’ve made a lot of sacrifices to do what you do and then the attacks you come under especially from the very ones you’ve shown the way to set their souls free. Everything you say is true and I know this for myself cause I am living it! I am still in my house for over 7 years and no fiat money involved! The system have tried every trick and deception in their book to get me but fail every time even to tell the so call community I am a criminal but they’ve a huge problem on their hands they just can’t touch their so call criminal the ones asleep wondering what’s going on? They under estimated me they failed to realize I know what I am! and what I am not! As you say Kate no NAME NO GAME! I’ve more to share messages left on phone for fictitious entity even saying they need aa location for the Entity! As I said I am still in my house never left, but once you separate yourself from the demon NAME their world is turn upside down and once you stand and never waiver from your truth every trickery they try to trap you with backfire at them cause they can’t touch you! There’s much more to share I’m not on any fake book and I am not on Skype but going to learn about it so I can connect with the other points of me that are awake and share my experience, if I can do it they can too and nothing to fear once you stay in honor and get rid of the name, I don’t use it period I burned every paper that was associated with it. I’ve never felt so free in my life I feel like a child with a totally different outlook on life. Is there a number for your show I can call in? Thanks, keep on keeping on the Universe got your back that’s all you need love always.

    • Truth says:

      Hi Life… thanks for the message, I will pass it on to Kate. The number for the call-in to the show is: (347) 637-3265 though if you get onto skype you can make a free skype call into the show, and chat with everyone else in the skype room. 🙂 With love, Ninja.

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