Palestine Finds Legal Loophole, State of Israel Doomed

“Palestine Finds Legal Loophole, State of Israel Doomed”


“July 26th, 2016 AP newswire UK: Palestine Finds Legal Loophole, State of Israel Doomed
One legal loophole that will bring Israel to its non-existent LEGAL knees
After years of unrelenting bombing and killing of the Palestinian people with Israel hiding behind the legal skirt of the U.N. and defying all attempts to see logic and reason, Israel will soon be forced to relinquish its illegal status with recent uncoverings by numerous members within this initiative to remove the iron fist that has left people to be bombed and shot in the streets and then branded “terrorists” for daring to fight back with less than stone age means.
Since 1917 and the issuance of the illegal document “The Balfour Declaration” that created the fictional “legal state only” on paper that was to be backed illegally and unlawfully at gunpoint with the British invasion of Palestine, everyone missed the obvious connection, thus the loophole that secures the noose around the Rothschild Legal Cult strangle hold not only on Palestine but on the entire world as a whole. More on that as this story breaks open further.
Scottish MP George Galloway has been at the forefront of this particular movement for years struggling with many worldwide to not only stop the bloodshed in Palestine, but for the entire middle-East as a whole and peace for the entire world. On July 11th British MP’s brought to light the further crimes of the CROWN, not to be confused with the British Parliament as everyone does, with another example of the blatant theft at gunpoint with the Legal CROWN forcing paper fiction rules made up, only to then be marched at gunpoint into every corner of the world. It’s the confusion and sidestepping between what we, the people, have seen as the British Parliament but is, in fact, a separate legal body from the CROWN creating two separate bodies working together but they use the “British Parliament of the people” as their cover.
The loophole that’s been uncovered opens the legal door through this deception where the Palestinians can finally strike right at the root cause of the problem where one of these pieces of paper, namely the Balfour Declaration in 1917. What most people missed was the drastic changes made on the world stage in 1913 that set the stage for all wars and conflict to follow where the legal CROWN empire that has been pulling all the strings behind the scenes with money for centuries, could act behind veils called countries but are really, in fact, nothing but CROWN corporations registered into the ownership of one legal body thus making that “blanket corporation” and whoever runs the board of that corporation, namely “The Corporation of the City of London, London” which is not British or English at all in the same way the Vatican corporation was set up to rule the religious canon law deception to bring to bear the spiritual power over the people and the third ring in the crown of this three ringed circus being the military wing of “ Washington District of Columbia” with all three being “countries” outside all other countries and hidden in plain view.
All legal power is held in “the Square Mile” London, London, NOT London, England and is NOT British, period. It’s THIS fact that people overlooked. What the Palestinians are doing by bringing to light the complete and utter fraud of the Balfour Declaration and its creators and owners, the Rothschild’s, and their board of directors. All they needed was the greed of those around them to motivate the armies using paper writs and directives like an old version of a goystick on a video game console, pun intended.

In 2013, with the announcement of the Motu Proprio by Pope Francis, all legal protections i.e. spiritual protections of the Vatican were removed from the baristas of the voluntary paper rule world and where literally and completely ALL legal power now only had the power of anyone’s acceptance to still be ruled by paper dragons of London, which you don’t. The very basis of the Rothschild legal empire now lies in ruins with the common knowledge and countless billboards popping up all across the UK to wake the masses to this ruse of the London Rothschilds legal slavery empire where it’s actually illegal to use the very legal name you think is yours but then that’s the point of deception and people missed that loophole too. The dramatic irony is dripping like the blood soaked sponge it is because the Rothschilds are Jewish so why are people so surprised that it would be one family of Jew setting up every other Jew with power and country to make them best friends then screw ALL other Jewish families and leave them to die in the hands of an enemy the Rothschilds created and greed allowed? How quickly people forget the past and how this same game has played out time and again with all of humanity at the bloody end of the sword of the Rothschilds, Jews as a whole, included. ISRAEL, STATE is a Rothschild creation in the legal atlas and all you need is money and man’s greed to rewrite that book and move the liens any time they want. Well Mr. Wrothschild, your legal ink well is empty…it’s illegal to use a legal name is what those billboards are saying….I looked it up…it’s true…..but don’t expect a lawyer or a judge to admit that when you tell them once, they’re trained Rothschild BAR dragon club members and screwing you with this deception is the bread and butter, they drink blood for tea…….
jane doe-755 AP newswire UK”



Is this what it would look like if the Truth was uncovered by an honest investigative reporter and freelance journalist who was willing to write the news items everyone else dare not write? 

Yes.  This IS the Truth of the Israel-Palestine situation.

Why is nobody else writing this Truth?  

Because their criminal slave masters won’t let them and/or because they are wilfully ignorant and intend to stay that way because their personal comfort zones and myriad lusts demand they maintain the ‘status quo’.

AP-parently! Newswire:  making the Truth news.  


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