Kate’s Writings


Some of Kate’s writings have been translated into other languages and can be found here.

Collection Of Essays by Kate Of Gaia  (ideal entry-level reading)



Invocation Of The CRSS

The Long And Short of It

Registry Fraud Letter and Acceptance

I, who shall not be LEGALLY named

[I, who shall not be LEGALLY named TEMPLATE Version]

Achilles Heal

Hooked by Phonics


The Wizards Of Oz

Who Are You?  An Open Letter To Humanity

Summons Of The Dead

Reigning Cats and Dogs, Part 1

Reigning Cats and Dogs, Part 2

Reigning Cats and Dogs, Part 3

Lie-Tes, Ka-Me-Ra, AC-T-Ion, (Act 1)

Lie-Tes, Ka-Me-Ra, AC-T-Ion, (Act 2) 

Lie-Tes, Ka-Me-Ra, AC-T-Ion (Act 3)

Lie-Tes, Ka-Me-Ra, AC-T-Ion (Act 4)

Vous-Do Da-Els and Ma-Els

Prometheus Bled

Watts in a Name

Trading Prophets for Profits

Re-lease the Kraken

Know Thyself Ye are Gods

Exit Stage Right

Enter the Whore Brides

Behold, A White Canvas


Did You Know You’re a Criminal If……

Did You Know… Postal/Public Employees

Did You Know… Hospital Registrar


Attention Legal Department

Attention Law Enforcement

An Open Letter to Law Enforcement Humans

Attention ALL Police Agents

Attention Bank Staff

Attention Freemen/Sovereign/Patriot Groups


Where Are The Real Men?

Motu Proprio Katherine Renee

One Ring to Rule Them All

Phoenician Spells


I Am The Witness

I am the Witness Cover Letter by kate of gaia, the witness

The Loans and Mortgages Who’s Who

The Midas Touch

Solstice Message 2013

The Fifth Element Part 1

Enemy Mine

Cain and Abel

At What Point

Cutting The Threa-D’s

All LEGAL documents (returns header)

Silencing of the Lawmbs

Phoenician Starter Kit

Deny me Thrice

The Merry Go Round

Oil and Oater Dressink

You and Your Psychopathy

Choices Prologue

Zero Point

Babylon Is Fallen

Click here for Babylon Is Fallen Brochures

Nameaholics Anonymous

Your Contract NOW

As Per Your Fraud

Show Me Your Papers



Teachers’ note 

Legal Name Addiction

Hypocrisy of Humanity 

Slaves Need Masters, Masters Need Lies


Doubters of Men

Phoenician to Phonics to Phoenix How To Guide 

Mark of the Beast 

An Owed To Family

Watt’s Your Driving Loco-Motives?


An Atlantean Hallow’een Act Won, See-In One 

Moses and the Riot Act, Act Won, Seein’ Two

The Court Ship of I.D.’s Fodder Act To, Seen Wane’in Too

Jack and Jill Pick Nessie’s Loch

Jack And Jill Climb a Different Hill 


Birth Certificate, Clausula Rebus Sic Stantibus

Legal Name Fraud Explained 

Wrathschild’s Legal Death Cult

Humanity, The End 

Satan is Judged and his servants with him

Comprehesioned- Hell Am Meant in the Rhume

Life Ordeal 



Bryan Larkin Letter



Court Transcript for ‘Judge Bows’ video

[Link to ‘Judge Bows To Sovereign’ video]

 [Apostolic Letter – The link to Original on Vatican site]

[Apostolic Letter – Synopsis]

[Apostolic Letter: “The Importance Of Motu Proprio”]

Reply from and to BC government

The Birth Certificate Explained

The Sire-Name FRAUD  – by Rena.

The Daily Register Ritual  – by Ninja Bambi

 More from Ninja Bambi here:  http://ninjabambi.wordpress.com



HandBook of Common Law Pleadings

‘AMERICAN LAWYER’, a book from 1907

‘American Lawyer’: a concise defamation on the legal system.” – Kate of Gaia



Cops Arrest Social Worker

Legal Name Fraud Radio

Palestine Finds Legal Loophole, State Of Israel Doomed


Some of Kate’s writings have been translated into other languages and can be found here.


157 Responses to Kate’s Writings

  1. resu koobecaf says:


  2. Holly Alba says:

    pedestals…..love this, thnx ninja

  3. jerrypoynter says:

    Kate these writing are great. The messages are clear. if you ever get a chance I would love to have you narrate your writings in to videos. That would be awesome!

    • DavidTaylor says:

      kate? are you going to Narrate these writings??

      • kateofgaia says:

        Hi David, I wonder if you imagine Kate actually could find the time to do that? Never say never, though, she is incredibly productive. However, in the meantime, if you felt inclined to record yourself, or someone else, reading any of these writings, please do so. Send me link/s to the mp3’s. Best wishes, Ninja.

  4. I prefer the way discussed on the “imbatman57” talkshoe calls. If you haven’t heard them, check out the peaceful self-governance folder here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2it1lyxil7isa6w/4vrU3aY5NM

  5. Lisa Sharon says:

    So WONDERFUL to know there are other “like minded” individuals out here. Breaking “ego” is a tough act, as we have been brainwashed since birth. I commend you and your efforts, Kate. I have become an avid follower!!! Peace…..

  6. Allister says:

    Awesome!!! it would be nice to have the blank templates of these documents in order to perpetuate the truth.
    Thank you for sharing The Truth. Cudos

    • kateofgaia says:

      Hello Allister, there is no requirement for all documents to be ‘blank templates’, they stand as they are, and can be shared with no changes. There is already a template version in the list for ‘I who shall not be named’.

  7. Rayla SunGazer says:

    I tried to download the grimoire but it gave me the dictionary instead.

    • kateofgaia says:

      Yes Rayla. The dictionary IS the Grimoire.

      • Rayla says:

        Oh dang! My bad… sorry. Thank you for clearing that up for me. That’s one thing I love about you…. you clear things up 😉 Blessings!!

      • kateofgaia says:

        Thanks, Rayla. I forgot to sign my earlier reply to you. (I’m the webmaster for Kate.) I am always happy to be of service. Yes, it is quite right what you say, Kate is known for ‘clearing things up’! And so am I now! 😉 Best wishes, Ninja.

  8. Rayla says:

    Oh hi Ninjas Sweetie!! I hear Kate refer to you on the shows. Thank you for webmastering for Kate! I’m new to the table and I already love it. You should have seen me the first time I heard Kate…. Jaw hanging open and gasping from the syncronicities lol. Blessings!

  9. BIO-SIL says:

    Hi Ninja! I also have a wordpress blog and would like to re-blog some of these writings. Do you know how I would go about that? Thanks so much – lovely blog here! 🙂

  10. Legal News says:

    Hey, I was just browsing through the internet looking for some information and came across your blog. I am impressed by the information that you have on this blog. It shows how well you understand this subject. Bookmarked this page, will come back for more.

  11. BeWise says:

    Hello Kate,

    After all my research the past 15 years I have come to the same conclusion you have and I am in the process of writing my own declarations to free myself from this illusion. The only thing I do not see here is where to send those declarations. I have read that it would be best to send the declarations tot he Secretary of State, Attorney General, and the POTUS.

    Is this correct and if not, where did you send you notices?

    I would greatly appreciate any advice you have, thanks.


  12. Jay says:

    The content is perfect. I’ve seen similar but this seems concise…
    Creating these docs on this side of the pond and/or south of the Canadian Boarder may take some tweaking…
    Translating the British terms into American would be useful: i.e. CROWN – ???
    British High Consulate- ???
    etc., etc…

    • kateofgaia says:

      This is Ninja in reply to you Jay. You suggest: “Translating the British terms into American would be useful: i.e. CROWN – ???
      British High Consulate- ???” – NO!!! These documents are NOT works of fiction for entertainment purposes! The Crown is a corporation. And the British High Consulate is what it is, and it is part of Kate’s story, and where she had it confirmed, face to face in conversation, that anyone using the Crown Copyright Name is doing so in fraud. NO, NO and NO again! It would NOT be useful to change ANY part of these documents at all!



  14. nermin isakovic says:

    Well Katy of gaia i was fallowing your work for some time and i am impessed with your will strainght and passion to expose the crime of vatican and the crown that s going on for so long time against human race regarding all subjects you are investigating you are real angel and a asset to this planet and i wish you many more happy springs to come in your life may you be blessed and save in all of the time lines and dimentions. From Nermin thanx again

  15. hello Kate and everyone in Kate Land. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Love your radio shows. I always look forward to the next show….

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  19. hayley as allegedly called yendell says:

    I will make a start tonight as regards reading through all the writings again to begin recording myself reading them for those who want audio versions and will when i can read them aloud as perfect as they are written, i will send the audio uploads to either you ninja or kate or both you. Love you all ❤

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  21. Great stuff kate I love you santos dean Clifford’s work I always thought something wasn’t right yous have nailed it I’m trying to spread the word to all my mates so they can spread the message to also I watched you and vinnie Eastwood and my mate had court for traffic shit about 3 weeks ago he handed the clerk the apostolic letter with thou shall not be named with the birth certificate and charge My mate is shitting waiting for a warrent see what happens but anyway i can’t get enough of you guys work keep it up bring it on I love it

  22. wolfpath says:

    It doesn’t matter Bob, you send it to to the primary managers, ministers etc.’ you do the best you can. Its not about whether the correct number of government systems will honour your notice/affirmation it is all about you knowing your intention and action, aware and competent that no man or system can come between you and the Divine.

    You don’t wait for confirmation from the system that you are in charge of your ship/body/mind —
    Rather you stand up inside with your awareness and loving as a spiritual warrior.

    You are the answer



  23. Bob Chicilo says:

    I knew there was something wrong with sending the document, no matter where you send it. It came to me this morning.
    This is it: You don’t use fraud to erase fraud. The birth certificate and all other government documents that come from it, are fraud of one kind or another. So if you know this, it releases you from the deception that anyone has rights over you. When you know that the birth certificate is not you, it is up to them to prove that you are a piece of paper, laminated or not.

    I have always been free to take charge of my ship and it is the same for everyone else. It is still deception to think you need to use the system of fraud, a document, to be free of that system. The government may make life a burden for you to try and make you consent to remain in their system of deception, but all you have to say is no, I am a living being, not a piece of paper.

    They are the ones saying you are a ship that has to be reclaimed. That is a fiction. That is why what they are doing is fraud. If you are a living being, and you are a living being and not a ship, there is no need to reclaim a fictional ship. Who but the deceiver says you are a ship instead of a living being?

    Bob Chicilo.

  24. Will I Am says:

    You Rawk! You have the courage of your convictions and generosity of heart and spirit. These are weapons of massive enlightenment and hope for the future. Shine On, Much love. Blessings Will I Am

  25. I wonder what would happen if someone tried to copyright their name, and then charged anyone who uses it without consent, to include all principles and agents of the state and federally government.

  26. I mentioned earlier in a comment that my mate handed in a couple of Kate’s documents in for court .Thou shall not be named.The apostolic letter his traffic charge along with his birth certificate to the court clerk.This was about 6 weeks ago and he’s still never heard from the police so I hope all is good and on that note I handed in the same documents today for driving an unregistered car .The clerk said to ring a # to see what the results are. So ill be ringing them on Friday to see how I went and I will keep yous posted

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  28. Carlos says:

    Kate; you are totally on to something.I just watched a video where madona has a team of dna cleaners that increase the tear down time of her shows.What does she know, that you know, and now everybody else knows?Somebody is really concerned that their dna might be left behind.I wonder why? LOL

  29. Ahraina says:

    More and more I am released from the brothel of left brained intent and it is magnificent. there used to be so much fear in front of mankind from the perishing of the water supply to the horrors of continued nuclear disasters, etc. , fear porn as you call it. But all that is beginning to seem so trite now as you continually steer us away from the literal into the allegorical. It works! Keep prodding and nudging because for some of us it is meant to penetrate and it will and it is! And thanks to moth for relieving the water fear porn! But from within myself I can see that all disasters caused by the bedding with the whores of every evil bird (thoughts) can be easily corrected or dissipated by the workings of the LAW. Of course that depends on the individuals. That is the way it looks in my mind anyway. My deep appreciation goes out to all and each on whose thoughts are blossoming from the true Bride of the Christ Spirit! A thought: Silence is golden because control of the tongue is a great start to control of the mind!

  30. Hi Kate, I wanted to let you know, I used your Choices post and added some touches of Spirit. I truly Thank You for the Mirror of Reflection. I have written about Spirit and the Human condition experiences on Doowans News&Events. However, recently I moved deeper into Spirit and found I was Speechless. It’s all your fault. LOL All is perfect. I thought being God was going to be easy. Boy, was I blind. Anyway, Thank You again, know you are in our hearts with Love.The Universe Sings this Song. I Am me, as you are we and we are all together. One song one verse. CJC The Singularity.

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  32. Going down the many rabbit holes of discovery found a interview of you Kate reading Choices. My I Am ears started to ring. This was a couple of months ago and since join the critical mass show most days. Of the late you have been speaking much about the horse. The horse was my carear for many years taking me to ring of the Olympics. The horse is now my I Am passion and writing about the way horses teach us about nature and our inner spirit. Linda K also wrote a book called The Tao of the horse and has a teaching facility in Arizonia. Recieve her newsletters.

    Wrote this past summer, relates to going dark. Please feel free to share!
    The dark shadow
    The night of the soul
    When you finally come to visit me
    We will be waiting
    For once you see
    We will have no purpose
    For then can light come in
    We will have served our purpose

  33. Anoka Shiva says:

    A very useful compilation – thank you Kate !

  34. danny says:

    kate,thanks for being here and everywhere…reading and listening to your voice, words and music made me cry of joy indeed.i love you all: you ,santos bonacci,mark passio,david icke,jordan maxwell and all alike.i send you all my energy and love to all of you guys….to manny to count,me included . danny

  35. Mario says:

    kate, your work is amazing.I used the Apostolic Letter in a conference in small claims court
    and also the Attn: Legal Department Letter and the paralegal said it was all BS and was
    baseless.The judge was just appalled as I looked at the paralegal and told him that he will
    be personably accountable for his actions. Well the paralegal huffed and puffed and said he wants to go to trial and left the court room. I spoke with the judge afterwords and I explained the NAME and that I will not step into the vessel and say that I am that NAME. The judge understood but said the plaintiff can go to trial if he wants. I just need to know how to make these criminals accountable for there actions. I think I will contact the pope for guidance and how to proceed.
    Has anyone had any success with any of the writings here.

  36. malachi says:

    Keep up the great work for you will always be blessed!

  37. You have a lot of us who follow you from the USA Corporation how do we translate your documents ( I who shall not be named) to our Corporate State?

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  39. Dave Emm says:

    Kate , absolutely the most incredible work ever …. soooo epic are your writings , wording , and knowledge . You killin it ! Sweet ! Thank you Kate to this body of work you create and make available to all ! Luv ya ! Large respect for you ….

  40. cj says:

    Thank you so much Kate!

  41. debgarden333 says:

    When someone breaks a leg or arm and has to go to doctor how does one deal without using a name? The same with Dentist, etc.

  42. David says:

    Thank you for all you have done, and thank you for tearing a huge hole in the veil of lies and fiction that has enshrouded us all for so long.

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  45. Gowanda John says:

    Thank you so much for these vital AND wise writings!!!! KATE OF GAIA_ MAY YOU AND YOUR FAMILY BE PROTECTED FOREVER!!!

    • kino says:

      hi kate of gaia i have sume of your writings and have handed them to a couply police officers here soon as they read it i think they got scared [attention all police agents]of it and they no that we the [wo]man are starting to wake up to the fraudulant,intimidating,harm and duresse they cause us by the way love your work we need more people to get onto it thanks for your inspiration

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  49. Ian Mate says:

    Did you know birth certificates are crown copyright?

    • kateofgaia says:

      Ian, you seem NOT to have read all the writings or your question would not have been asked. 🙂 Best regards, Ninja.

    • Ima sickofit says:

      Ever since I was a young girl I have thought “why do people just keep having more kids, at what point do we stop trying to prove something with all these little shits all over the place, growing up into even bigger shits, whats the point to all these shits including me?”. My parents, siblings, friends and in particular strangers, have always thought this intelligent, attractive woman to be actually quite mad for refusing to reproduce myself. I couldn’t really tell them what I really thought because I actually believed them, I thought there was something missing in my makeup. Their favourite line was,” if your Mother and father had thought the same, you wouldn’t even be here”. My answer was, as I got older and braver
      “I couldn’t give a fuck, this place is just a big joke, including you”. This is when people would, and still do just look at me with that – oh, she’s not all there look on their un-abel faces ( I can only use that reference after reading Kates whore brides.)
      So Kate, reading your essay about the whore brides was one of the most exciting things I’ve ever read, and I’ve read a lot of stuff to eventually stumble on it. Cain is still part of my life but Abel has very much been around too. I’m a work in progress and it gets funnier the more I de-cain the being that I am. I’m getting more Abel-minded and feel myself hoping I don’t run out of ” test time” until I really get it. I don’t want to start this shit all over again when all the little shits are walking around with NO ABEL bodies. The thought of it!

  50. Paul says:

    Thank you for your valuable information Kate, but I cannot see how one exists in this society without money. We all need it to exist in this level. How does one purchase seeds to grow food? How does one get food to feed our animals? How does one fill a gas tank to our automobiles to be able to move from point A to point B?

    • Paul says:

      I guess it was a silly question!

      • Whitney says:

        this took me awhile to figure out too, how a society without money would exist but just think about it. How many people upload stuff to the internet for free because the want to, how many people create art because they love to, how many people build stuff because they love to, or study science and invent things, how many extremely wealthy people keep working because they love to? Creation exists all around us out of passion and love. Now think about all of these people who are employed and hate their jobs and have no time to do what they love because they have to make a living, think of all types of projects that never get very far because of lack of funding etc… Everybody is unique and has a passion for something in all areas of life. If everyone was able to do what they loved for free everything would be taken care of and we would be sooo much more abundant than we are now. Money was a system created to enslave people and keep them in a vicious cycle. If you research how the monetary system was created then you will see it was never sustainable from the get go. If everything we needed was provided for us for free and Im not talking communism, but as much as we want for free (and the amount of resources would overly abundant too, there would be more than enough to go around without anyone having control over rationing), along with our understanding that we are all one and what harms another is only harming ourselves it would work because we are free love. It is our essence. And if someone who had everything they needed in life and didnt know what they were passionate about or what to do with their life, well wouldnt that just be the saddest thing ever? Instead labeling that person as lazy or not contributing, wouldnt you feel sorry for them and help them work through their blockages to find their passion? It would work but I know it takes some serious thought to see how since we have been so completely enslaved in every area of our lives for so long.

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