9 Responses to Gallery

  1. kateofgaia says:

    Interesting observation. Determination is a somehing of a theme around here. 🙂 Best wishes, Ninja.

  2. Thomas Hulls says:

    Mind blowing . I’ll have to return as there is to much to take in . RESPECT

  3. Janet epperson says:

    This is Wonderful Art NinjaBambi I finally Made it to the Kallery so much to absorbe I will share the pristine Beauty of this site with joY Thank You from MY Heart so kreatfull 4 EVERYTHINK& It is truly an HONOR TO Be Hear love me…

  4. doug says:

    You have answered so many unexplained questions for me! I am very thankful for your work.

  5. xTRiPPiNiNJAx says:

    I love you so soo much. I have infinate respect for you. You are a truly beautifull being, & your light is so radiant & precious. Thank you so much for extending your hand & love out to all of us, you are marvelous.
    ~Kai Kekoa~

  6. infinitas gracias,no hablo ingles ,pero estoy aprendiendo bastante sobre perder el nombre legal,estoy muy interesado en el camino de la luz…saludos desde catalonia Abararban

  7. The Witness says:

    thank you for sharing kate

  8. John Others says:

    John Others…
    The them and the they… the faceless one’s… I am Others…
    Hi there Kate of Gaia…
    I know you well a a kindred soul in body being… what’s in a name?
    In the matrix of reality the universal template of all things temporal…
    And Metatron… beyond the condition of name…
    John Othres…

  9. Roman Berman says:

    My Lady!!! you”re WONDERFUL!!!! Thank you, Thank you

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