Watt’s Driving Your Loco-motives?

Watt’s Driving Your Loco-motives?
by kate of kaia



This essay’s primary objective is to illustrate the unseen by most separations of what you deem to be normal according to this world’s programming where evil carries the upper hand over your good because you are doing things, that, while they appear to be “normal” things to do in your day to day life, they’re actually fostering and promoting the very evil that is killing you and humanity using your own contract creations against you. This is ONE reality with evil AND good intertwined in a DUALITY where each is its own absolute opposite reality creating itself in its own image and your choice as to which reality you’re serving (good or evil since you’re in the middle of both already anyway) by which REALITY you’re going along with, regardless of who tells you what’s good or evil where liars tell a convincing story of why it’s OK to kill everything; as long as you do it their way, legally, truth and life be damned. So, here we go……kate

p.s. and don’t just glaze over this essay. When you come to a word that I’ve taken the time to show a few phonics echoes, take the time to look up the meaning of each of those segments to see how spells actually weave between good and evil where this separates the three-ds/threads/three-D’s of the dual-eyes’d world you’re lost in. Phonics is the fiery Phoenix that lights your path home, the fawn-IX of the dawn-IX, the dear man of the we’re man, the foe nix of the doe nicks and so on. The donning of the “H” of Och!-we are us after all….H is a symbol of a bridged(bride/groomed) duality into one path, the pillar of life or the piller of death.

It can be difficult, seemingly impossible sometimes, communicating between the realms of literal legal/spiritual law-full, as it were, where one who is still fully or partially engulfed in the legal name/literal reality are speaking mainly/only from “a taught by others” perspective talking only about things others have been taught by the same “system” of thinking be it school, religions etc..over and over ad infinitum so it’s a very “channeled into a groove” reality of what one thinks and believes and, eventually, will actually fight for and defend that psychosis…stalk-home sign-drome, the arrow drome where no planes of existence can take off, stuck in a “hanger” somewhere. Hitler was a “paper hanger” too remember. The figure eight circling back only stops when you can’t be directed back by any temptations of this world to do otherwise or can you put a price on an innocent child anywhere in this world to make sure your “standard/flag of living” is comfortable, that child, every child be damned.

It’s like trying to talk to someone that knows a little bit of french in France and trying to force everyone there to speak “english”(subjective literal programmed by system) calling all those who speak “french” (objective anogogic spiritual, seen for self experiences) stupid, unwilling to learn their native tongue, demanding another speaks “english” vs. “french” in their own land allegory. We, allegorically speaking, speak “french” in this Rome/world/Room, mixed with some fluent (phoenician,anogogic, spiritual), and some learning the language ( a few words here and there, willing to learn something knew) where the masses of humanity are still trapped in someone else’s idea of what they call “their reality”. It’s not their reality at all since everyone has been at the mercy of everyone else, from cradle to grave robber state-us and can only speak from that perspective.

I am simply an observer, separating good from evil actions/intentions, without injecting a previously formed, by this reality’s, personality assumption into the equation based on what everyone is expected to do where those expectations commit any evil or harm at all; I remain undecided neutral until I see it for myself, my own reality experience where evil is eliminated, within first (source-ari cause/choice), then without(source-heir-e effect/result). To call that a tightrope is an understatement and requires an immense amount of will power to defy all that this world has ever created as a normal reality, knowing that there are some that have manipulated this world into their version of “english” sorcery/sour sorry divided and conquered reality programmed by another, making believe it’s their original ideas of choice.

This is where one is a SUBJECT to another’s objective as their ruler by choosing a false master outside of themselves where doing wrong just feels bad actions for a while, if at all, in a world mixed with both good and evil realities intertwined; the cadeuceus/C.A.D.(architect program)-you-see-U/S(intent/creation, male/female, positive/negative, etc. dualities where YOU or another, is building your reality. Creation has already built both realities in order to have a reality at all. For one thing to exist in reality, it must have a counter balance opposite. The idea of black cannot exist without its counterpart of white and so on. Both good and evil realities exist simultaneously and the only thing that separates them is you and how you make your choices based on how you’re seeing them. It’s the game of self-taught vs. system taught good and evil where you know killing anyone is evil and where the system teaches killing is good and call it war, etc. Emotions are used to over-ride your native sense of being if you are inherently a good heart, and to enhance the evil actions of one who is inherently evil where BOTH exist in this reality. Unfortunately, the good hearted people (majority of humans) can’t actually believe evil of this sort of magnitude actually exists where I assure you, it does.

The measure of evil will show up in your life experience mirror in the forms of others trying to harm you when you’re doing the right things, exposing evil’s tricks and lies, undermining evil’s “power”, so to speak. While many of us have experienced these demonic types, one thing was certain for me at all times; regardless of the discomfort, evil could not and can not destroy me, merely make things incredibly difficult to push through but, alas, I and many others did. This is where evil cannot pass and where creation/truth steps in and creation’s law is upheld for you because you chose truth over lies, good over evil and you were/are adamant in your stance. This state of perceived “protection” only exists while your stance remains pure in this regard, some call it the slippery/slip-ari slope. This is the language of light and dark, of truth and lies, not much of a tight rope really in the grand scheme of things but a bit of a challenge in a world full of people programmed into another’s way of thinking via the system where the programmed (a program is a known outcome based on steps in a certain order) result happens every time until the program is changed.

Think of a toy train set that travels in a figure eight over and over on Christmas morning. It’s fun for a while then, to the child, it will either become hypnotic or boring and usually, the toy will be walked away from but the operator may or may not choose to turn the train off when they walk away and it’s still running to this day. I turned that train set off when I was done with it (literally) and bring it out occasionally over the ensuing years until I no longer had that train set that invariably grew over the years, beyond the figure eight original boxed version. I added more tracks, buildings, people etc. to my train set both in the literal toy world and the spiritual growing by experience one. It just depends on how much track you want to travel. Now, consider the marvel you experience when you go to an exhibit where a child that got their first train set, stayed with it and built an entire train and track system with multiple trains (model train museums/ultra home hobbyist) where I built the spiritual train set in the mirror of that physical literal one. Physical literal reality is the one that you can touch, see, taste, hear and smell with countless other tactile senseations that expand from this simple five aspect senses group i.e. smell gets sorted into different sub-smells that create different reactions (think of smelling a rose then some rotting carcass example). I just transposed these out of the physical into their spiritual mirrors like “smelling a rat” and flushing that rat out of its hole allegory.

See the toy train tracks as your spiritual tracks where some rails lead to a junction for new tracks to lead off somewhere new and some that are dead ends where loco-motives (crazy intentions) get parked. It all depends on your loco-motives and what direction you’re heading and also depending if you are one of the boxed cars(X-R’s, life’s rose, life’s spoken intentions) that is speaking only for someone else’s conductor according to their “loco-motives” where evil is the killer crazy where good is the crazy about life. Both loco-motives, two opposite tracks and directions. It doesn’t matter if you want to high jack the system’s locomotive (legal remedy illusions), it’s on a TRACK that is immovable, destination Hell. In this world, the system owns the track that controls money, religion, education, government, legal, commerce, jobs, careers, and everything else you deemed as normal and one is rail-road-dead into their reality if you ride their train where they control the locomotive AND the tracks.

All one can do is jump off their crazy train and start building your own locomotive, all the while, seeking the tracks of creation to put your locomotive on and get yourself moving again, this time in the right direction. When you think of the friends and family that called you crazy for the right choices you made and continue to make in the face of evil’s conductors and engine-ears, it’s just them refusing to jump off this train of evil where evil has made their boxcars very comfortable where supportive passengers are given first class treats in the first class cars to shit on the passengers in economy, the common human. Then the lure of the treats and money, physical milk and honey, over-ride most people’s good sense when their comfort is threatened in any way. You are a threat to this programmed mind, remember this where they’re content to ride the hypnotic figure eight track where you added a trunk line off that track. The trunk line connection to your new track is the legal name so you have to blow up that junction or you’ll be followed up your new track and the evil that follows you up your new road will do everything it can to get you back on their train (being their legal name is a boxcar on their train), rip up as much of your new track as possible to dissuade you from continuing and use those closest to you to rip up your tracks emotionally, to deter any future desires to continue building on.

Only a very few resist this at the outset and continue on, regardless of what justifications to continue on evil’s crazy train others have used or are using (you-sing) to try and lure me or you back. This is the real test of faith but it’s exactly what does all your track building to connect to creation’s mainline track home; you have to build the shunt line by removing the cunt-tree lien for those who think the sound cunt is bad, you say it every day unknowingly but now you know. Some of us took the direct, straight road across which literally destroyed our boxcars (families, homes, lives and ability to make a living in their world etc.) but then the shortest distance between two points is a straight line anyway. The legal name is the literal junction switch that determines whose and what rails you’re travelling on and evil can’t exist without a contractor/contract-torus field a.k.a. YOU, the immortal source choosing to be a dead mortal physical body reality only, way of programming. You, me, we literally breathe life into evil, since the only way it can exist because evil is literally death, by its own very nature, a destroyer and taker of life. So it’s a matter of looking for the track that promotes life over death, good over evil and you must look IN ONESELF first for all the things you are doing in ALL of the things that everyone else does that is normal yet is actually death in disguise, to see through the veil of lies. This is the true lifting of the veil where the bride/groom gets her/his first kiss. The legal name reality makes you a bride/groom of the Harlot (Baby-loan) and Satan (all the false profits/prophets of her kidnapping ransom) and is the crux pivot point of where the tracks separate and where you drive your first railway spike of silver (truth) first, removing the steal spikes (clous/clues) one by one where creation drives the last gold spike in for you where evil always use steal first and always ends with your gold spikes stolen while you’re on THEIR legal name boxcar from locomotive to caboose, you’re captured in the middle on the kill crazy train.

Good and evil are running parallel tracks simultaneously to sort out those that would destroy creation as their primary objective, not caring who they harm, kill or steal from to get their lusts fulfilled and ALWAYS by proxy using only the effort it takes to lift a pen and write out an order for another to fulfill for them. In short, the parasite loco-motive and this is their only path, evident always in their actions. Likewise, those that seek peace and benevolence have been duped into violence by using legal justifiers and motives to mask the real nature of the evil that is being done. It is evil to kill another living, sentient being, be it human or animal but humanity has been rail-eroded into thinking it’s OK to do that, legally speaking only. Evil sets rules, times and locations of when it’s OK to murder another called war or policing their legal name slaves that don’t follow orders called general public. A simple way to see the legal name train-ink you’re caught up in is on every carved Tombstone connected to the grave-e (death of physical/present consciousness) while evil rides the gravy train using you for the track steal and cross-ties, tying you to their death reality. For those already in the grave, they’re in a holding pattern until these trains reach the final destination, approaching now in this reality, whatever allegory you’re using to see it i.e. nibiru, mayan, bible, mythological, where the phonics (SOUND) key is the port (quay) on the floating island of Brasil allegory versus the port-cull-us key that Satan holds while trapped in one of his cells/se’ El’s, creations of Luciferian evil intent. It takes a little practice but it doesn’t take long to see every story fold into one where YOU’RE either the hero or villain in humanity’s story, not just your own. It’s very easy to be a hero to your own family and friends or look like one on the radio or silver screen keeping each other’s boxcars moving up the line/lien but you’re still on the undivided track where all you have is the measure of very limited good that vouches for your life story.

Think of this in terms of the judgement day story to illustrate the alpha and omega of your life’s path. If your life in this reality ended now, do you think you’ve done enough good to free yourself from satan’s grip or are you following along with the other liars that think they’re saved because they’re religious delusions of an external savior will save them “just because” and without changing their war and death mongering ways? Remember, when you choose a team to play for, what happens when you’re seen to be deliberately kicking goals into your own team’s net and how would they/you react? This is why the Freemen, Patriot, Bible Belt type yee-hawed-disseds get taken down because, although they don’t like what evil is doing to them and others, they neglected to leave the evil team contract, namely, LEGAL NAME worship reality so of course they’ll get taken out or down and again, seek vengeance against their still the same, guilty by association membership legal name fleecing club team-mate, and the figure eight track resumes yet again. If one wants to change their reality, one must make definitive changes to one’s own reality first elsewise you’re still using Satan’s tools to enslave yourself. You’d think anyone with half a legal brain could see this and is mind numbingly simple to show how and why it’s illegal to use a legal name since evil set up the trap this way and gives you only a mirror reality of it to work within. Quite literally, when you lift the veil of evil called legal name off your reality, creation kisses its’ bride/grooms equally and then some. Unfortunately, you’ll never see this until you do this, not try this, yourself.

The tracks of truth were deliberately seeded with weeds of lies and one need only put a cow-pusher on the front of the locomotive to cut these weeds down and expose the track without end. Given that this reality has embedded the lie of “end of the line” in the human psyche, people cannot fathom immortality and can only see it from a perspective of “heaven or hell AFTER I die” only so it’s a forced omega/death program which makes it difficult to see past that. This is what I call the lingering doubt and was absolutely necessary to completely separate the truly good from the truly evil that is literally being separated here, now and forever, right now. In the grandest sense, our experiences will never be identical (no copy originals) only a copy of what’s right, the true copyright law golden rule versus evil’s copyright law that claims your entire creative power and existence. At this point the outcomes are identical in concept, only different in form i.e. you have your body in your physical reality, I have mine so the movie looks different only based on physical form characters while retaining the pure truth form concept of identical outcome, prevailing over a previous evil that is harming all by doing the right thing versus using legal rights thing where murder is OK legally reality. One cannot serve two masters forever, only for a while, and this is your “now or never while moment” where this duality reality’s clock is invaribly ticking off its last seconds where evil and good separate forever, no recourse after this. All aboard the soul or the souled train, boarding station approaching now.

Imagine yourself on a rail go kart out for a spin on an old abandoned railway shunt and it hasn’t been used for many years, overgrown and difficult to see the tracks in front of you or like going fast over a steep hill in a car wondering if there’s going to be a road after you crest the top moment of doubt. Even in the case of driving that same hill many times, you’re still wondering in the back of your mind and you take the foot off the gas “just in case it’s not there today” doubt/fear reaction. This is where the faith of saints idea should be coming into view. Of course the road and track was there but confidence only ensues when you actually see it and not before that. In the case of the abandoned rail track, like the legal dead world, it does run out and all you can do from there is go back the way you came OR start building your own rails; most simply turn back and ride the same rails to eventual boredom and ultimate death of consciousness, by de-sign. All I’ve been doing since I blew up evil’s tracks to connect to me (nothing legal in my reality, at the mercy of this world to survive, completely) is laying down knew tracks, one cross un-tie, one c-rose at a thy-me. If you haven’t noticed the magic of phonics yet to open your eyes, you’re not experiencing the mind blowing aha moments like those of us that simply learned how to play with our I’m-a-genie-Te-eye-ons again to redefine that which defines our realities. Unless of course you don’t use letters, numbers, sigils, symbols of any kind in your reality where you have a fixed idea of what you were told a word means and only that. If two words sound identical, which intent is being carried with it and can it be respelled to mean something else completely opposite to what we intended?

Here’s a typical court legal phonics trap that condems the speaker in their own confessions/what they say. A freeman legal idiot type will say this typical lien (pronounced line, programmared and assumed by reader, not writer and spellbound in a spell to sound like lean) ” I do not consent!” and here’s what the judge/Satan’s babble-on-neons can and does ASSUME in perfect honour illusion his/her version of the spell THEY want to here AGREEING fully in context, not concept of what you really intended: ” Aye, due knot, con-se’-n-Te”….take him/her away ba’al-iffy, sure-iffy! Evil can’t create, it can only ECHO creation to get creation to build that reality for it. The spellings of the words can echo where the spoken was said only once until YOU spell it out for yourself and everyone else, thus, these essays, spelling out the tru reality, destroying evil’s reality in the process. The homo-names become the sin-o-names become the ant-on-I’ms as an example of phonics magic exposing LARGE concepts trapped in the spells. This grammatical trinity is woven into one using these spells where truly, the letter kills and Bill shows up in your male-box, no kisses, straight to the business of screwing you, so all it leaves is a lot of gray matters for your gray matter to sort out. You can only do that when the heart matters over rule the brain programs that have been programmed to serve evil in this reality, literally, figurativel and spiritually in the absolute sense of serve; You create either by choice and who goes along with that good or evil I-deal or I-dear and what’s dear to your heart or mind determines what you deal and what the dealer you’re dealing to, deals back. Creation is THIS simple, I cannot say it clearer where it’s been known forever and it’s called the golden rule. It just depends on how seriously you take that rule, creation and your ultimate creation or destruction falls back to the original gift of gifts called free will choice. You do have the choice so unfortunately, you have no excuses if you make serving evil yours.

The legal name is both a benign/be-9 and malignent/male-lien-ent(intent,debt, mind) cancer (can-se’-r’, can-seer, canc(k sound)-er, C-ankh-er etc.) and you’re the doctor that must heal self, lest the cancer be the malignent one in the spiritual realms in the physical reality mirror example. Bad things happen to good people because of the intertwining of these dual realities where those redirecting creation’s true intent (evil) have manipulated consciousness via spelling to give them an upper hand over creation until one of us awoke to this ruse; I and many others have now. I see my role simply as one to lay down knew tracks, unobstructed by evil now, and let the rest of humanity that serves good and wishes to change this reality back into the heaven it was, is and forever will be, devoid once and for all of any/all evil completely. If I was to descibe heaven’s reality, that would be it; remove all evil and what’s left? So, I removed all evil out of my reality by placing the INTENT to do so there first, the rest works itself out where you just have to get over the legal name hill/track to see that, indeed, the road is already built and waiting for your loco-motives or rail go karts, whatever suits you, I just built a bullet train, as fast as the go kart with the pulling power of infinite locomotives and any boxcars that need a little help after they’re derailed inevitably by the shunting away from evil/system/Babylon etc. where I can run a shunt from my hear-Te to theirs and where they eventually start laying down their own tracks parallel to mine where mine run parallel with truth, life and creation’s infinite nature of immortality anyway. Different track, same direction, weaving truth into the fabric of creation versus lies that unravel the cloth of life. This is the shroud that Turin, the shadow of light, not death and people just get lost or stuck in the clues or artifacts to support their “theories” mentally bound into a literal definition of someone else’s “stuck in programming” version of the story where the spiritual fairytail is being wagged by a literal fare-e-tale and well, you pick up their B.A.R. tab every time until you stop playing in their water-ink wholes/wells, that’s the well of solds.

What those that have chose this path begin to see incrementally is the knew tracks coming into view when the old tracks are ripped up behind them, one or more crossed “T”s/tease and D.O.T.-dead “I’s” at a time/thy-me. The increments of how fast or slow you go is determined by you and that is only dependent on how much you truly seek truth and the answer to your existence in the all mind point of YOU. This is knowing you got hurt in some way by doing the right thing only because somewhere and somehow you still think of yourself in the old, dead legal name way and why it’s best to think of a completely different alternative “name” so that you can see BOTH tracks simultaneously or you’ll never see or find it hard to see the real effects of choosing life over death, good over evil, regardless of the pre-programmed by system fear you’ve had to learn to over-ride and do the right thing anyway. It’s as easy as “can you be tempted by an emotional heartstring in the physical reality to not do the right thing?” where most, if not all of us had to sacrifice the very ones we love dearest to push through to the other side to open this path for all of humanity, not just our favourite bits separated from the rest of the human consciousness we call mankind. All for one and one for all is our standard/flag of living and it’s pure white denoting a surrender to the will of benevolent creation versus a white flag surrending our defeat/deaf-eat/de-feet(chosen path)/duh?-feet?(lost path to walk)/de-FEAT!/de-fiat(legal moon-eye) etc….

There seems to be a lot of confusion as to what creation’s a.k.a. the creator’s plan is and it’s staring you right in the eyes when you look into any mirror but you can’t see you, only a legally or not named physical representative of YOU, the real you, the IS-Real/Is-royal within where the kingdom of heaven’s path can ONLY be found travelling the heart’s path, not the mined one. Riding the rails of truth glide you over all of the mines in the “it’s mine!” fee-El’ds/fields where every cross Te clears the mine away versus blowing it up every time. I assure you, I stepped on EVERY mine in that field to clear it because as far as I could tell, no one had done this quite this way before. I wasn’t disappointed as I watched the system explode every time I did where I was merely caught in the blast, far enough away from the lies and liars to not get seriously hurt physically, all the while enduring the agony of watching those I love get forced away from me in more ways than I can count right now. This is the penance and repentence flashback where you settle your previous debts/wrong doings with creation in the hear and know/here and now where the programming of mankind has them thinking they have to die before things are settled up. Wrong.

You have to ask yourself where you’re really wanting to be heading as your objective first or you’ll be someone else’s SUBJECT dealing only in subjects that SUBJECTS subject themselves to and be subjected to the harm that every SUBJECT experiences until you change your couer/core/heart subject in your mined mind. Not one of us is unscathed in this battle of good versus evil nor unmarked by/in/of/ buyin’ nuff? legal name reality until one unmarks oneself so don’t be thinking the rules are different for me or any other any point of you in creation, only evil tries to rewrite the laws of creation to serve its own knee’ds making creation (you), think you somehow must knee-D I.T.(concept of bowing to their duality demands) when evil only asks for I.D. and it’s your choice to be owned in mined, bawdy and sole. Evil must convince YOU that somehow you need it/I.D. therefore they kneed you in the legal name, flat earth/book 2 Dimensional Styx pee-pole form where I.D’s them that are kneed-ink YOU to exist at all. Remember, evil is only an idea that requires YOU to contract with it (crush) because evil, by definition must destroy everything in its reality, thus itself and only wants some court jesters to go down with it into non-existence. My job, and the job of those that can see this, is to get this information into the hands of all where they can choose what they want; eternal life or eternal damnation in a figure repeat getting worse every time it hits the upcoming omega moment i.e. ALL barques of roi Be AND B.A.R.-Q’s of RA-Bi called in, same instant that some refer to as the “rapture” where it is the rapture of what wrapped you’re in and wrapped your heart AND mind around. The rapture of the raptors that raped you’re reality are in for a movie wrap of their own creation and you know this after you’ve wrapped your head around the sheer simplicity of this game, exposed fully in the spells and phonics loco-motive so make your motive a little more crazy on the creative track versus the destructive track you’re box-CARD into.

All work and no play makes Jack a dullard and why there are so many Jacks Union-eyes’d under the double cross of the Union Jack tying in all other flags of colour where mine is a pure white standard. How can you claim to be at peace with all when you’re picking fights with everyone and everything around you where the legal reality is just that, order out of chaos where you’re the one following the orders trading your piece for their kiosk. You just forgot how to play and that’s because the job you’re doing and the life you’re living is not even close to following your true heart and dreams; evil can’t allow that at any cost, even the cost of evil’s own existence. Quite stupid really but then there’s nothing smart about evil anyway, evil doers always end up getting the short Styx in the end and their river runs dry, their tracks collapse, their esteem engines boil dry and their loco-motives collapse collectively into the last star heaven is going to need from the physical and this earth literally ignites as the companion star in the daytime sky they worship, Satan needs a bride in case you were wondering what hell actually looked like, look up. It’s heavenly replacement is moving in here and well, evil has a black hole to fill, good luck with that. If you’re looking for the track to find the “stairway to heaven”, you can either see that track as I’ve described here or you can listen to the same wisdom without falling to hell like a lead zippo-lien where there truly is time to change the track/path you’re on, just thought I’d point you to the path that all the masters raved about. Yeah, me too. They were right and YOU can prove it because only you can prove truth to self by living it or not, seeing it or knot where I’ve already seen it for myself but then, that’s my story oh little train that coulda, shoulda, woulda because I already knew I should/show-alled, could/co-alled and would/wooled and found the elusive golden fleece, the holy grail, the white hart, the white rabbit, and every other way it’s been described in what you know of as the ages. Just don’t let this truth take ages to sync in, you just don’t have the time, you’re halving the time of your lives every time you’re having the thy-me of your lie-ves every second that tics and tax you out of it.

Consider this the early warning bell….the tinkerbell moment or end up with the lost boys forever fighting the Hooks that captained their ships (souls) by their choice. Can’t imagine choosing that yet there are billions that don’t have to, they’re already hooked, liened and sinkered into Hell via the willing choice to continue after hearing “it’s illegal to use/be a legal name/anything”. Don’t worry, that will echo for eternity in their realities when they realize they did nothing, too late moment. All aboard the freedom train kids or stay on the previously scheduled, heading to Hell A-Freight train, there, the liens never end, only go darker and deeper with no light left on the loco-motive to find your way back. The only thing that I did differently was to go beyond what was evil in me and this world (pretty obvious to any decent soul really) to find out how creation could create a perfect heaven where no evil could exist yet in order to have heaven, it must have an equal evil counterpart. The trick was to keep both good and evil in one reality that was both good and evil enough to experience it (contrasting by degrees) so that one or the other wouldn’t spin out into either extreme of insanity (blissful or rageful insanity, both chaos equally) and this world/reality is the pivot point of the bow-tie/boatie/booty/bawdy/boot-e/boat-eye/Boa-tie/serpent knot/Beau-Te/Be-U-Te/free will choice etc. This world has the best that Heaven and Hell can muster with evil knowing one thing; it’s thy-me would run out and run out it has, pretty apparent with the SIGNS/sins/sign-atures/sign-at yours everywhere both natural and man made. Hopefully, by the end of the first reading of this, you’ll see many things that slipped your not-is know-tis note-is but then that’s my job to make sure none of the de-tales are missed where all I have to do now is listen, creation tells me everything I need to know when I kneed to now it so, that’s what I do and the essays are the result of that. Just more waters of truth to fill yer steam engines when you’re feeling like you’re running a little dry, I found the fountain of life and those waters? They never run dry, only Baby-loan’s does…sleepy children are easy to kidnap so I rock all the cradle clayed-El’s to see which way their bow breaks: to the left legal is Satan, to the right regal is creation, truth so don’t be afraid/afreight to rock someone’s boat, you just might find a lost child under the canvas of a lifeboat on a sinking ship and that child just might be you. When you look in the mirror, what’s the first thing you see, is that you looking at you or is that you looking at me?..I see you AND me too…toot toot!!..kate

Watt’s Your Driving Locomotives¬†.pdf



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