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Broadcasting 7 nights a week with Y-our Host, Kate of Gaia. 

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8 Responses to Kate On The Radio

  1. Anne Rasmussen says:

    Katei of Gaia, I upgraded my phone, just to be able to Skype

  2. yabbadoody says:

    great stuff…

  3. Javi says:

    Love u family

  4. keith stuart says:

    i thought some may find these interesting from the UK.
    doesnt that get rid of the PM & Chancellor positions?
    that does away with royal assent and the dutchy or cornwall

    nice job kate
    keith in kirkcaldy, scotland

  5. Zenna says:

    Thankyou so much too everyone on the show, I’m the daughter of kaz (what you call her) ever sense she started listening too this show she’s become such a light human being. You’ve woken her up and most of my family I’m only 13 and this whole life thing is quite big too me still but I can’t thank everyone who contributes there time on this show for helping my mum realise on a more conscious level who she really is, it’s helped me I’ve become more happy with myself and wiser then ever. My mum got taken by the boys in blue today and I’m so thankful that I don’t have too worry how she is. My mum has been trying too get me too listen too the shows and become a part of the website I guess you could say and I’m happy I have the confidence too finally step up and say something on here. Just a massive shoutout too everyone on here! Very greatfull! 💘

    • Truth says:

      Hi Zenna! 🙂 It was very nice to read your words. I have passed them on to Kate and shared them in the skype group. It is for you and everyone else that any of us has done anything at all, including ‘Kaz’ doing her part. Standing in truth and honour, with Love for all is what we do to the best of our ability and share what we know and experience. Thank you for sharing your truth with all of us too, Zenna. ❤ Rho Se Ninja.

    • Mel says:

      Hi Zenna You are lucky to have a mum who has seen through the BC scam,
      and if you have woke up at the old age of 13,you are a bright light, in this darkened world,
      I am now 57,and still half a sleep,but i am slowly waken ,,,When i show people a photo of my new bus ,,the first thing the say to me is (You need a licence for that) legal determinations,not i like the colour, or dose it go fast, and that’s 10 out of 10 hear in France,As i am from England,when i showed a photo to my family i am sure i would get a different answer,,not so ,It just goes to show how we have all been brain washed.
      So all the best to you and your mum,keep up the brilliant work,,stay awake love,and light Mel.

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