Kate-isms and Quotes





“Unconditional Love…”

“Another Point of You…”

I’m no trophy, no prize, no game

“This is Operation Jesus In The Temple!”

“I’m gonna tear you a brand new universe…ok, monkey meat?”

“Feng Shui The Living Shit Out Of Your Universe!”

“If I Were God,  And I Am, What Would I Do?”

“You’ll Get Over Me.  I did.”

“Use The Tools, Don’t Be One!”

“We Do This, Together.”

“To Be Blunt, Is To Get Right To The Point!”

“Have You Had Enough Yet?”

“Not On My Watch!”

“I’m Packing A Chainsaw And A Flame-Thrower, Baby!”

“I’m The Mouthiest Tranny On The Web!”

“Fear Porn!”

“Meat-Stick Media”

“Pick A Fight, Expect A Fight!”

“You Don’t Have To Do What I did.  But You Have To Do Something!”

“Baby Steps.”

“Mirror, Mirror.”


“Lose the Name, Win the Game”


“True Story”


“That judge has bowed so many times (courtesy of video playbacks) his back must be f*****g broken by now!” – Ninja   (The ‘judge bows’ video can be viewed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzjv20sC5CY&feature=share&list=PLD6DC34AA182D4986)

20 Responses to Kate-isms and Quotes

  1. Shirley Ann says:

    Love ya! Imagine that…. 😉

  2. jerrypoynter says:

    “Meat Stick” and “Fear Porn” I use allot. Thanks Kate!

  3. maggiest says:

    Yes – we are all blessed by having this human in our brains 😉

  4. Alveta says:

    My favorite Kate-ism is: If I were God and I Am, what would I do. Love it…and I use it a lot. Stay Blessed Kate you are a true lighted spirit.

  5. AJ says:

    I heard Kate give a nice definition for fearporn some days ago and thought it would make a nice wall-sized mural 🙂 I’ll keep digging..

  6. Witness of Fraud says:

    It does not matter how big your legal engine is, you have to have a good tranny to make it run.

  7. i am says:

    “Left brain Mon-keye chatter”… too true. 😉

  8. Ahraina says:

    I love how the fear keeps melting away step by step. That has been the primary tool of that game! When I first glimpsed the truth of the whole scenario, the thing I had questioned all my life, I broke down and cried in joy! I had a picture in my mind and heart of the suffering little ones basking in the kindness and love of others sweet, joyous states of being with enough of everything needed for fulfillment and it was and still is a wonderful sight! As I have always said, “This journey has never been about me but about those over whom my heart has broken over and over since the Fathers fell asleep and the sadist took over and brutalized my children. The homeless, the starved at every level, the lost children with lost children looking to them. Our animals. our planet.” Everything that we knew was sacred is still sacred! What grand times we live in! I wish I was there with you like minded people!

  9. EJ says:

    Kate: “I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to make GODS!”

  10. i am says:

    “drama, drama, drama”
    “draughma, drauma, drawma”

  11. Curt Newbury says:

    I think you are on to something valuable with your ideas and logic. It’s your delivery that will get a lot of early attention but limit you from expanding your materials and movement into universal acceptance and use, Maybe you will make gods to some degree, but I fear that, with this in-your-face approach you will stir up some followers yet fall short of making much of a dent. Listen to your interview with Sean David Morton. You said enough to make me and I’m sure others interested but resorted to anal when things got testy for you and your own ego kept you away from a major coup. You might consider a publicist.

    Your courtroom tactics in the video I saw were utterly brilliant. Stands taller than the “you can’t handle the truth” scene in A Few Good Men. I’ve seen some stuff on how the legal system works, (Jordan Maxwell comes to mind). And I saw no real application for it until I saw the video of you in court. What a revelation! Well done. – Curt

  12. i-me-frank says:

    “Monkey Nuts” lol…priceful!

  13. nonameman says:


  14. fohat-truth says:

    … but kate, what if? Shutup! … but kate, what if? SHUTUP!

  15. lolz says:

    lolz … like heatink slotty

  16. Mick downunder says:

    Ummmm…..not that I don’t believe the judge bowing to Kate video……I have seen it numerous times, more for the words being used…….I did notice something that may throw a spanner in the mix here regards to who the judge actually bowed too. I’d really like to think it was Kate that the judge bowed to, but if you look at the video again, their is a short brunette women (the one who stated that someone was filming) she has her back to Kate and is facing the judge, as the judge bows, she (short brunette) actually bows back to the judge. Now, this could simply be a smother by the brunette, to make it look like the judge bowed to her and not Kate, or it could be we are looking for something that may not be….

    • kateofgaia says:

      The information Kate and many of us share, is ALL about the Legal Name Fraud. If we choose to bite down on ‘baited hooks’ by DE-BATE/BAIT-ing things such as, ‘to whom did the judge bow?’, or whatever else, we will wriggle on baited-hooks for a lifetime within the waters of DOUBT & BELIEF, aka the Piscean Age model – which many of us have left behind now. Once we choose to move into the Aquarian Age of KNOWING, we concern ourselves ONLY with that which we KNOW. We know we are not a legal name, many of us, and we simply KNOW if we Lose The Legal Name we END the ‘Name Game’. For me, it is of no interest whatever if the judge intended to bow to Kate or not that day…I will never know what was in his mind unless I get the chance to ask him directly…and it changes nothing in my reality one way or the other, because I am not using a legal name NOW. Simple. ❤ Best wishes, Ninja.

      • Mick downunder says:

        Thanks ninja, the last 7 daes has been a masiv realiz a tion ov how much powr iv given 2 kain! ……..do luv d fakt that I kan now spell how I want 2……

  17. Frank says:

    Tranagogics … true story 😉

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