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  1. love this page 🙂

  2. Auntie Bar says:

    This looks like a nice place to speak of things both esoteric and down to earth. I’m looking forward to reading your blog and have bookmarked it. Looking forward to commenting too.

  3. nicole says:

    Fantastic site Kate, congrats!! P.S. I LOVE the music…never stop creating!

  4. larry man says:


  5. Javi says:

    Come we go burn down Babylon one more time. What shame they cant keep us down, sorry folks but we have rivers of love to give. Bob Marley

    • Lawrence says:

      I actually did copy at lot of your great writings which wish to pass on as very grateful for you doing this I read this stuff and get very excited about this and want so many out there to get it. I have taping other writings from u around bus stops and other areas near high schools and no one has ripped them down. I used plastic covers to keep them up longer. Just to let you know you have made a big impact on me and hope others here to. Love and peace and keep safe.

  6. Lawrence says:

    Kate i believe your one seed my spirit my vessel has ripened Here in Southern ontario I went to a judge with your kates writings and a combo of my own words delivered the message without any interruptions to a judge and a few crown lawyers and public servants Handed judge docs from your site right up to her I had a few hands clapping and jaws dropping I still got booted out as a witness as i knew i would because of docs i sent a few weeks ago about me who shall not be named Thanks so much i had asked for the universe to help me My computer was acting up last night My printer would not copy forms properly and my speech And i was having a tough time sleeping as i was getting a head cold all in one night I persisted to go and forge ahead and my shit together This was for the good communities that are affected by industrial wind turbines and the health

  7. I’m new here can you point me to how to get free of my birth certificate?I want to be sovereign but don’t know how-could you point me in the right direction,seriously,peace

  8. Raybow says:

    It is our spirit that connects us to the Universal consciousness that exists within the oneness that is Creation. Listening to your videos for the past 5 days I realise that the ‘real war’ is the war to enslave our spirit when we are born to prevent us from realizing our full potential as spiritual beings on a human journey. This evening I have taken that first step and have cut up 7 credit/bank cards. All documents with my ILLEGAL birth certificate name will be dealt with and I plan to do whatever I can to get the word out. Kate, some times we have to go through a profound and painful experience like you have before we realise what our true purpose is meant to be.

    Much peace and harmony


  9. I who Shall have no name........ my calling is george says:

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you kate.

  10. ivan says:

    Too late??

    • kateofgaia says:

      I have heard nothing as to the particular reason for the deadline date we were given for sending letters to the Pope. As the date has now passed, I would say, just do as you wish, for yourself. If you want to send a letter, do so. There will surely be no problem in that. Best wishes, Ninja.

  11. IVAN says:

    Thanks for the reply…read you loud and clear… NINJA..
    I just thought there was a time line but heck I’m GOD. I say when there’s a timeline… Thanks to all you GODS & Goddesses!! For the hard work..

  12. dskoda says:


    Could you please advise which of your letter/s specifically we should use to send to the Pope in order to reclaim our DNA. Much appreciated

    • kateofgaia says:

      Well, Kate never actually said to do that, specifically, so the answer is none of them. That is the simplest answer I can give to your question. Please read all the writings and appraise yourself of what Kate shares, and how she uses her information, so you can understand how it might be something you can use, as you wish to. One must grasp the concepts and really ‘get’ this information in order to be able to use it, in one’s own way, with one’s own intent in place. Also, the radio shows are archived and freely available on the same link that appears on the ‘Kate On The Radio’, so you can re-listen at will. Best regards, Ninja.

  13. Torri says:

    I listen to “outside the box” and just finished your writings.
    Thank you.

  14. kateofgaia says:

    Thanks for this, Karen. Well done! Passing it on to Kate, and following it up my end too. Best regards, Ninja.

    • my name is [my] name says:

      Hi Ninga…
      On Sunday afternoon, the lovely Mark, Janet, Mike and another man, i forget his customary calling…they were talking about the Coptic Key and the RELEVANCE of Numbers. This website has loads of info they might like.

      Could you please pass on the website: Book of Kin-Foundation for the Law of Time. There’s loads of good stuff.
      Ps Thanks

  15. Brian says:

    Hi Kate, I am in shock at what i am learning from you, i have been studying this ‘freeman’ stuff for a while and i must say its like swimming in shit. Would it be possible for you to give an idiots guide to what to do with the birth certificate, and how do i expose the fraud committed against my wife and i regarding our mortgage and utilities etc, sorry i’m being a pain but my head is spinning with where to start freeing my family from this evil against us. Peace and Love.

    • Brian says:

      Thank you i will do, just waiting for your next show to start at midnight here in the uk. My wife, my 3 grown up children, and my 2 grandchildren thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all that you have been through and all that you have done to find the truth.
      Peace and love to you and all concerned

  16. Timothy says:

    Aloha is the way I choose to live. I am delighted by the idea of being supported.


  17. Star says:

    I am so thankful for your insight!

  18. Xabre says:

    I have been reading your post’s until I’m exhausted, but what a beautiful exhaustion , the insight, the revelation, the knowing in shattering, the light bulb going on over my head was so bright it almost blinded me.
    I have been waking up since 911 knowing that there was something was terribly wrong. When the dust cleared I started asking questions and when the answers were of a dark, dark place, a place where I did not want to be. I asked more and more questions, started digging and as the veils were peeled back to reveal truths that have lead me here To a place much brighter then where I was..
    I can only speak my truth, and because of this truth have lost a dear friend to that truth, which he chose not to hear, and that’s OK ,for he must travel his own road as must I.
    This great deception of my enslavement through all these years, now lifted because I AM. I am NOT dead but a living breathing Human being graced by Yahweh, or I would not be here, and I would still going through life as a slave in bondage.
    What I find most fascinating is that some are awakening, yet most are still asleep, and there are some that will never awake from this fiction, for they are terrified and condemn those who try to reveal this truth.
    Thank you Kate for showing me the Light switch LOL


  19. jas says:

    Kate ya wee beauty, I could kiss you if you weren’t a guy 🙂 heck maybe I’ll kiss you anyway.You’ve discovered the golden ratio(now there’s a word to ponder;) and crossed the KT boundary(seismic shift) into the undiscovered territory. Yes the ptb’s days are numbered now, they’ve had the field to themselves for millenia and been having a field day with it, and look at the mess it’s in. Well the game’s a’bogie as we say in Scotland meaning the game’s up. Now it’s our turn.Let’s see what kind of world we can create when our divine masculine intention meets our divine feminine creative potential. Make that universe/multiverse. Heck why limit ourselves at all, we are gods after all ; ) mwahs jas.

  20. airyc says:

    Kate enjoying your writings and I think they are making my brain hurt but in a good way. Been surfing at stuff and found this book which seems similar like you write. Thank you for inspiring to be more, hel

  21. my name is " my" name says:

    hi kate n ninja
    please ninja, when you’ve got a minute would you ask kate to do the word, mandatory.
    Just me… ♥♥♥

  22. Carlos says:

    No names here mate. This is dirrected at the tebull 4 awl 2 C. I sent a message by universal conscienciousness but somehow it got tossed aside nstead of O.K.ed. It had to do with the name and trade mark. I listen to all the shows and kate threw the baby out with the bath water on that one. Any how, here it is. The reason why the police manual says that they have jurisfiction over you for uttering the name is because the crown has all right to the name. This means trade mark rules apply. One rule u will discover is that a name that sounds like a registered name can not be used. My state of conscience now says that the only form of the name that the demons are allowing are the proper spelling and style of the lawfull name. If you can’t say it you are left with only witch craft (spelling) or “no names here mate”

  23. Agatha says:

    Thank you. The documents and or statements in your writings, which corporations should they be sent? And if one is on state benefits how will it affect families. Also, have you got any information on how to get an adult who is in a care home being held against their will and that of their family and social service involvement.

    Kind regards

  24. My name is " my" name says:

    Hi Ninja “n” Kate

    David Icke (headlines) web site, today…
    Non-eviction in Nottingham!

    Just me…

  25. Paul Pitts says:

    If enemies approach, your kinsmen are near…. Godspeed and beautiful works… You’re inspiring people… Be safe….

  26. alex says:

    I have come across your blog, and youtube videos and find them very interesting and illuminating…

    There is a flush of new energy coming our way, and you and some other brave souls are opening paths for us all, and for that I thank you and wish you will be blessed.

    Kate, I more than anything want to claim free my children from the bonds of registration …. they were born in the UK …but we live in Canada now … I have copies of their BCs … what I need to do ?

    1- I got the template for the “motu-propio’ what I do with it ?

    Many thanks!

  27. Dbot says:

    Really felt your pain Sunday. I too have had generousity squashed like ashes from some friends and family. I dont forgive as easily as you are able too. But I dont harbor vengance from those erased from my life. They just dont have my compassion or thoughts anymore. See how that fits now? If you ever are in need of anything feel free to ask! You do so much for everyone else and know I ve got your 6 . Dbot

  28. leigrian says:

    Hi kate ! your work is marvellous & worthy of admiration, you germinate strength, wisdom, & self awareness, your contributing to this world awaking from this dream rocks, i dig your writings & find your face & looks to be quite attractive & beautiful ones, please continue on shinning forth your inner radiance, bye.


  29. Dbot says:

    Sorry about road noise yesterday! I did have mute on but notice it more on show replay. Wont call from car again.thanks again for your support and the serious work for me begins now. Lol Dbot

  30. todd burgess says:

    i must really be dead because my questions await moderation for several days, and then disappear. How does the birth certificate ID theft work in the states? No ownership is asserted on mine, or i can’t tell what i’m looking at. Do i need to seal this deal with suicide?

    • kateofgaia says:

      “How does the birth certificate ID theft work in the states?” This is global. Please read the writings and listen to the shows, and you will be able to see this for yourself.

      Best wishes, Ninja.

  31. Thank you Kate… for showing me the door.

  32. leigrian says:

    thanks for the wonderfully applied balanced during the discussions kate, by allowing for multiple subjects in one show to be contemplated this enhances further inspiration & learning, specially among them the deception of externalising one’s power to so called religious hierarchical ideology such as angels, ascended masters, saints, etc, along with
    the careful acknowledging by ⤷ kate on ⩺ making sure that kate of gaia’s radio show does not become a rigid puritan conservative like stagnant flow where passion is welcomed and you are not afraid to curse or vibe to far to one single side to then return to the middle line.
    any clues anyone on magik & inner unfolding through vocalising by chanting multiple vowels at once ?
    You beautiful beings fly !

  33. Indo says:

    I have been trying to figure out but not been able to answer how Crown Copyright applies to a Commonwealth country like India?

    • kateofgaia says:

      If there are, and I know there are, Lawyers and Judges in India who are members of the BAR association then it applies. It took me less than 3 minutes to find this quote:

      “In all civilized societies ,the legal profession occupies a unique and responsible position. Sir Owen Dixon,the great Australian Lawyer and later Chief Justice of his country, said in his address on the eve of taking oath of office:

      “It is the duty of the barrister to stand between the subject and the Crown, and between the rich and the poor, the powerful and the weak . It is necessary that while the Bar occupies an essential part in the administration of Justice, the barrister would be completely independent and work entirely as an individual drawing his own resources of learning, ability and intelligence.”

      Legal profession is not a business but a profession. It has been formed by the state for public good. Consequently, the essence of the profession lies in the following:

      Maintenance of certain standards, intellectual and ethical for the dignity of the profession.
      Organization of its members for the performance of its functions.
      Subordinate of pecuniary gains to efficient services.”


      I see the words ‘the Crown’. I’m sure you do too, Indo. Google is YOUR friend…use it…

      Best wishes, Ninja.

  34. JeHeretic says:

    I have a question, simple one, would you bother to file anything into a court requesting/demanding your “magical appearance” under the name? and if so what would you write in that filing?
    Otherwise I feel it is better to do nothing at all, file nothing at all, do not go in, do not ever claim the name etc… thank you. JeHeretic the legally unnamed of Earth.

  35. Martin says:

    Hola Kate,
    Siento de todo corazón la situación que usted ha vivido. Entiendo y apoyo su postura hacia la vida, agradezco con todo mi corazón su trabajo.

    Por dios… pensaba que estaba solo -:) Gracias!
    Animo, Usted es bueno y por este motivo le envió energía positiva.

    Que viva la música y que viva el sonido y que así vibren los seres que luchan por ello.
    Martin es Música/ la verdad

  36. Just listened to your interview with Greg Carlwood ‘the higher side chats. wonderful and awesome info which I need to listen too quite a few more times. already changed my first name (not leagally) wonder how this effects things.
    peace n abundance,

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  38. my name is "my " name says:

    Hi, Ninja, and Kate. You probably already know”, but just in case you don’t, ” Legal Name Gate”, is on David Icke’s, “Headlines”, Website.

  39. Whitespider Spiritflyer says:


  40. hey kate
    About 6 months ago I came across Babylon is Fallen, whilst looking on Max Igan’s website – The Crowhouse; and it has changed my life forever…
    I have two children and a partner and I want to thank you for all the work you have done, you have given my boys a future. Throughout my life I have always struggled to fit in and I have always felt that something was wrong. It has been about two and half years since I started looking into the true nature of our existence. I started off listening to David Icke and Max Igan and they gave me a good overview of reality, but never really gave me any answers to fix the problem. It was only until I started to your shows that I became empowered. I absolutely love listening to you speak, you are totally inspirational.

  41. aeiou says:

    1 re app lie of leaves , all bins, sinjged, in coloar(wand) phirey ( spark) song! See moc King bill owe$ gon!
    l(eye)ght with sound -weight and s{eye}ght ~~sOARing freely eas full of eeeees***
    i am : in>( fine ALL eeeeee) finalley (no dead end for me)
    m eeeee , a gain! again
    I AM hOHM!!!!
    and whole
    with AYY AHH and EH whY > hUH YOU 2 and it.

  42. marie says:

    I’m looking for guidance cause ive been destroyed my children have been ripped from me please….

  43. Anthony Jerdine says:

    Excellent Share

  44. Reconocido como "RODRIGO" says:

    Hola kete no te conozco pero se que estas aqui.Necesito ayuda, estoy metido en un sistema de mentiras y se que no puedo ocupar parte en el. Vivi dos años en la naturaleza y ahora cuando me incorporo en el sistema nuevamente me cuesta mucho introducirme en ella y creo que no pertenezco a este entorno algun consejo donde buscar la solucion?

  45. Alan Penney says:

    I believe that dogma needs to perish in order for us all to be whole. Thank you so much Kate, I’ve been blind for so long, I bid you eternal thanks for giving me sight once more.

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