Kate’s Writings


Some of Kate’s writings have been translated into other languages and can be found here.

Collection Of Essays by Kate Of Gaia  (ideal entry-level reading)

[One Stop Truth – The Key Compilation of Kate’s Writings]


Invocation Of The CRSS

The Long And Short of It

Registry Fraud Letter and Acceptance

I, who shall not be LEGALLY named

[I, who shall not be LEGALLY named TEMPLATE Version]

Achilles Heal

Hooked by Phonics


The Wizards Of Oz

Who Are You?  An Open Letter To Humanity

Summons Of The Dead

Reigning Cats and Dogs, Part 1

Reigning Cats and Dogs, Part 2

Reigning Cats and Dogs, Part 3

Lie-Tes, Ka-Me-Ra, AC-T-Ion, (Act 1)

Lie-Tes, Ka-Me-Ra, AC-T-Ion, (Act 2) 

Lie-Tes, Ka-Me-Ra, AC-T-Ion (Act 3)

Lie-Tes, Ka-Me-Ra, AC-T-Ion (Act 4)

Vous-Do Da-Els and Ma-Els

Prometheus Bled

Watts in a Name

Trading Prophets for Profits

Re-lease the Kraken

Know Thyself Ye are Gods

Exit Stage Right

Enter the Whore Brides

Behold, A White Canvas

Did You Know You’re a Criminal If……

Did You Know… Postal/Public Employees

Did You Know… Hospital Registrar

The Birth Certificate Explained

Attention Legal Department

Attention Law Enforcement

An Open Letter to Law Enforcement Humans

Attention ALL Police Agents

Attention Bank Staff

Attention Freemen/Sovereign/Patriot Groups

Where Are The Real Men?

Motu Proprio Katherine Renee

One Ring to Rule Them All

Phoenician Spells


I Am The Witness

I am the Witness Cover Letter by kate of gaia, the witness

The Loans and Mortgages Who’s Who

The Midas Touch

Solstice Message 2013

The Fifth Element Part 1

Enemy Mine

Cain and Abel

At What Point

Cutting The Threa-D’s

All LEGAL documents (returns header)

Silencing of the Lawmbs

Phoenician Starter Kit

The Merry Go Round

Oil and Oater Dressink

You and Your Psychopathy

Choices Prologue

Zero Point

Babylon Is Fallen

Click here for Babylon Is Fallen Brochures

Nameaholics Anonymous

Your Contract NOW

As Per Your Fraud

Show Me Your Papers



Teachers’ note 

Legal Name Addiction

Hypocrisy of Humanity 

Slaves Need Masters, Masters Need Lies


Doubters of Men

Phoenician to Phonics to Phoenix How To Guide 


Bryan Larkin Letter

Deny me Thrice


Court Transcript for ‘Judge Bows’ video

[Link to ‘Judge Bows To Sovereign’ video]



 [Apostolic Letter – The link to Original on Vatican site]

[Apostolic Letter – Synopsis]

[Apostolic Letter: “The Importance Of Motu Proprio”]

NON-I.D. travel printout.


Reply from and to BC government


Some of Kate’s writings have been translated into other languages and can be found here.



“Pedestals” by Ninja Bambi

More from Ninja on her own site http://ninjabambi.wordpress.com

The Sire-Name FRAUD  – by Rena.



Black’s Law 1st Edition

The Black Magic Grimoire- Blacks Law Dictionary 9th Ed’

HandBook of Common Law Pleadings

‘AMERICAN LAWYER’, a book from 1907

‘American Lawyer': a concise defamation on the legal system.” - Kate of Gaia



Cops Arrest Social Worker


138 Responses to Kate’s Writings

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  6. Call Me J says:

    Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication on searching for the truth and putting it out here for all to see. I am not the fastest learner on this world, yet for some reason, all this information just seems to make “sense” and resonate with me in a way just feels like it’s right. It’s almost like I already knew this stuff, but I just “forgot” it through time. I am no longer looking to be “identified” by my NAME. any more. As for my confusion on the matter, is it possible to actually “gain” your name back, as well as your property, that is really their property? I am excited to learn and apply all this knowledge I am lucky enough to receive. I have been on a quest to get to know myself, looking into family history, genealogy, astrology, and trying to find the singularity in the all of everything. Again, thank you and hopefully, through all the hard work, we can sink this citizen ship and all the pirates on it!

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